The idea of a blog as Emre Erturk Design first came to my mind when I was living in the US in the 2000s. Although I have been a periodical writer for various top-tier magazines, I could never find the time to pour out my ideas and feelings into the digital world. Painting, design, fashion, teaching, consultancy and many other fields of activity, it was 2022 so I decided to start.

Since I was 2 years old, I have been painting non-stop. I have participated in more than 60 exhibitions so far with this talent inherited from my genes. With the support of my dear mother, I built my education on art and design. I studied academic arts at International Schiller University and American College of Arts in London, visual arts and advertising at Marmara University Fine Arts Academy, and film at New York Film Academy.

While living in New York, along with my education, I decided to develop my design side and turn it into a business. Believing that it would support my art both consciously and financially, I designed the world’s first luxury leather pet carrier with the look of a classic handbag. These bags, unusually stylized by a Turkish artist, attracted the attention of many actors and producers in America, especially in Hollywood. Everyone was surprised and happy when a cute dog came out of what was thought to be a classic bag. My designs have become the number one choice of cat & dog lovers because they are of high quality, aesthetic and perhaps most importantly, approved for in-cabin use by all airlines in the world.

My bag, which I designed in the shape of a bone, was bought by Paramount Pictures and used in movies.

My dog bags were also used in the movie ‘How to Lose a Man in 10 Days’ starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, whose premiere I attended. From the promotional campaign sweepstakes for Disney Pictures’ Beverly Hills Chuiahuia movie to the main news programs on American television, fashion programs, contests and various radio programs gave wide coverage to Emre Erturk and his bags for years.

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I expanded my bag designs to include women’s bags. As an entrepreneur designer, I’ve designed around 450 models since 2000. Emre NewYork Bags, which are worn by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Beyonce, Shannon Elizabeth, Glen Close, Susan Sarandon, Famke Jannsen, Milla Jovovich, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Klein, have become a global brand.

In 2011, I designed a special leather outfit with 500 pieces of diamonds to be worn at the Oscar Ceremonies for dear Demet Oger, the producer of Oscar-winning films. I created different collections in the fields of organic sunglasses, shirts, jewelry designs, decoration.

In addition to my design work, I continued my art life without stopping. I participated in many international and local exhibitions. Several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, covered my artistic box installation at the New York Art Expo, where queues formed in front of it. As a Turkish artist, I once again felt the universality of art.

I participated in more than 60 exhibitions. With my love of or animals, I supported projects in various international events with both my paintings and designs. My 18 x 40 cm mixed media tiger-themed painting and an object I designed for the same theme were sold at an auction organized by Christie’s. This event, hosted by dear Meera Ghandi, was widely covered in the world press.

Since 2020, I have been participating in various exhibitions and continuing as a contracted artist at Istanbul Four Seasons Bosphorous Hotel.

In 2021, I renewed my emrenewyork.com website and started to offer my designs for sale online. I also opened stores in world giant marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Wish.

Of course, while going through all this, my vision was reshaped with an international perspective. I decided to share with you, the people I met, the events I attended and the international projects I supported on my blog Emre Ertürk Design.

I wanna reflect what I have observed from my own point of view, outside the traditional molds. In my Emre Erturk Design blog, I want to cover different topics about art, fashion and lifestyle.

My main goal is to provide you with information while at the same time entertaining you and sometimes making you think. My greatest desire is to establish a warm relationship with my readers in Turkey and all over the world through the blog, which I have experienced many examples of in the US. I know that whether I am an artist, designer or blogger, my biggest support is you, My Dear Followers.

Welcome to my Emre Erturk Design Blog to meet in many beautiful articles together.

Emre Ertürk

A Life Full of Art

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