10 Tips For Cat Care in Winter

Winter is already here. As the weather gets colder every day, the warmest sweaters, soft slippers and cozy pajamas come out of the closets. While we take precautions against the cold, we should not forget what we need to do for cat care in winter.

Now don’t say “it’s a cat, it’s covered in fur anyway”, because in fact these lovely creatures can get cold very easily.
Whether they never, ever leave the house or go out and come back once in a while, if they spend time in a cold place, they will easily catch cold and get sick.

I know how important the comfort and happiness of these lovely friends is for pet owners. Let’s review what we should pay attention to about cat care in winter.

1- Adjust The Home Temperature Correctly

Okay, I know, gas prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and with the war in Ukraine, reserves are rapidly depleting. We may not feel the cold when we dress warmly or curl up nicely under a blanket, but it’s not wise to dress cats in clothes, and many of them hate it. Cats are animals close to the ground. So they immediately feel the cold coming from the ground. Therefore, if your house is not carpeted, it is worth keeping the temperature of the boiler or radiator a little higher. Likewise, when you go out, the house should not get cold and freezing so that our pawed friends don’t get sick.

2-Comfort Is Everything

Cats, unlike dogs, are very bossy animals. They do as they please. They want a space of their own, especially when they want to relax. It can be a box, it can be a tiny hut, but best of all, it can be a special design Emre NewYork PET CARRIER. Place this bag near the heater and put a soft blanket inside and your cat is guaranteed to have a wonderful winter.

3- Proper Nutrition

One of the important points about cat care in winter is nutrition. Cats are a bit of glutton, though. But the food we give them needs to feed them as much as possible. Cats that are adequately and properly fed get the energy they need to keep warm and their fur is thick and healthy.

the importance of nutrition in cat care in winter

4- Action Time

Just like humans, cats get warmer as they move. But it takes some effort on your part to get them moving. Because cats that sleep more than 14 hours a day will gain weight and get sick more easily if they start to slack off. Spending quality time with your cat and playing games with him or her is a great pastime for winter evenings. Some cats like to play with balls of wool, others like to play with laser toys, while others like to run around in cat tunnels and other obstacle courses. Of course, it’s not you who decides here, but your cat. Remember that movement is essential for cat care in winter.

action is essential for cat care in winter

5- Beware Of Heaters

Cats are very agile. Because they move so fast, they can sometimes destroy everything in their path. Even a tiny fly can turn them into flying cats in an instant. This is why heaters, especially those that are not secured, are a source of serious danger for both you and your cat. This type of heater should not be used in the presence of cats or should be fixed in place. Candles are also very risky. The possibility of those tiny candles for decorative purposes falling to the ground and starting a fire with a blow is too great. Fireplaces are a real threat for our furry friends, but it’s easy to avoid them with a lid.

cats sleep longer in winter

6- Skin Health

Do you think our hands and feet crack in winter, but cats don’t have the same problems? You are mistaken. Despite their fur, their skin can be affected by the cold just like ours. Low humidity and cold weather dry out cats’ skin. If your cat has even one of the following signs, then you need to consult your vet asap

  • Redness of the skin
  • Dandruff in feathers
  • Crusting at the base of the feathers
  • Scratching or nibbling more than usual (especially paws)
  • Sores on the skin

By the way, Omega 3 vitamin supplements are also very useful, but for the pomade to be applied to the skin, you should definitely consult your veterinarian. Also you can also massage with coconut oil as I shared in my article DOG CARE IN WINTER

cat care and skin diseases in winter

7- Microchip

By the end of December 2022, all pets in Turkey are required by law to be microchipped. As of January 2023, if your furry friend doesn’t have a chip, vets won’t be able to provide services and there are serious penalties. Some pet owners are against these chips, but a good quality chip can be a lifesaver for your cat. Imagine, somehow your window was left open and your cat escaped and took shelter somewhere. It is very easy for the finder to contact you thanks to this chip. At the same time, it is also a door of hope for animals that are bought for fun in the summer and then abandoned on the streets. No, you can’t just take him, have fun for two months and then throw him out on the street! So my advice is to get your pet a quality chip while there is still time.

8- Fleas

Don’t believe the urban myth that there are no fleas in winter. Okay, it’s more common in summer, but that doesn’t mean there are no fleas in the cold. When it is very cold outside, fleas look for opportunities to escape to warm places. Even if cats never go outside in winter, fleas can get into the house even on you. Therefore, it is essential to check our four-legged friends regularly and not to neglect external parasite vaccinations for cat care in winter.

kis aylarinda kedi bakimi veteriner

9- Sleeping Time

We all like to sleep a little more during the winter months. Cats also seem to sleep a lot in winter, but there’s no need to worry. Because it’s perfectly normal for cats to sleep twelve, sixteen or even twenty hours a day in winter. However, if your furry friend is lethargic when awake, does not eat or drink as usual, and does not communicate with you at all, then you need to be careful. Keep a close eye on your cat and if this persists, it is time for another visit to the vet.

kis aylarinda kedi bakimi uykuya dikkat

10- Love Is Everything

Cats are sensitive and emotionally complex creatures. On the outside, they may look independent and behave as they please, but in fact they need love and care just like every other living creature. Just like humans, cats can also suffer from seasonal depression in winter. It is scientifically proven that seasonal changes affect moods. One of the reasons for this may be that they don’t see much sun in winter. If your cat is melancholic and sad in winter, you need to pay more attention to it. For example, you could a new toy. Or you can make them happy with treats in their favorite flavor. You can teach a new game and have fun with it. All this will keep your cat away from possible winter melancholy and keep them in good spirits all season long.

kis aylarinda kedi bakimi kedi sevmek

There’s nothing like winter with New Year’s cheer, white snow, and cozy s’mores under blankets. Take the necessary precautions for cat care during the winter months so that your cat can enjoy the cold months just as we do.

With love,

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