13 Stylish Women’s Coat Types

different types of women's coats

I was painting at home recently and noticed that the radio was on. Two women were discussing fashion lingo. Is there a difference between the various coats that exist and the term “coat” itself? I suppose it was for the best that I was eavesdropping, as I frequently face the same sorts of inquiries. With the famous Black Friday just around the corner, I thought it was high time I wrote an article about women’s coat types. So that I can give you some ideas before you go shopping.

1- Trench Coat

The first indispensable piece of a woman’s wardrobe is of course the trench coat. The trench coat, which is ideal for cities like Istanbul where the weather is unreliable, was originally designed as a raincoat for the British Army. But the style is so simple yet so elegant that this military dress has been a symbol of femininity for years. Worn both in fall and spring, the trench coat is also a great choice for warm winter days. This type of coat is so popular that some world brands have become synonymous with it such as Burberry.

types of women's coats trench coats

2- Wrap and Belted Coat

This model, which reminds me of a dressing gown, is actually quite functional. Usually it has a shawl collar, lacks buttons and other embellishments. It should be a little wider in the front so that it overlaps comfortably at the waist when tightened with a thick belt of the same fabric to accentuate the waistline. This robe-like model looks good on more or less all body types, but if you are petite, either wear it with very high heels or try a different type of coat. Among women’s coat types, this model is usually more suitable for medium and tall women.

kadin palto cesitleri belden kusakli

3- Raincoat

In the past, when I think of raincoats, I always think of fishermen. Is that the case now? Stylish raincoats in different varieties are in the shop windows. Some of my friends, as soon as it starts raining they take off their bags and put them on top of their fabric coats. Whether rubber boots or heels, it is possible to find raincoats for every size. Keep in mind, though, that if you want to be flamboyant, opt for longer, more fitted styles. For everyday sporty chic, shorter lengths are ideal. And when you buy it, make sure it’s really waterproof. Because there are those sold under the name of raincoats that get wet immediately after 3 drops of water.

kadin palto cesitleri yagmurluk

On top of this type of casual raincoat, I recommend a shoulder bag like TOKEN TOTE easy to use. Imagine, it’s raining, will you have your phone in your hand, will you be holding the bag, oh, and will you find those keys that can’t be found? So the most comfortable is a stylish model that hangs on the shoulder.

4- Parka

In the 60’s, the parka, which has written its name in golden letters in Turkish fashion, is usually in khaki and army green tones. The parkas, also known as the trademark of the proletariat class, are hooded and close with a zipper or snap fastener. These parkas are ideal for everyday wear in the city, but I like them best with skinny jeans and biker boots.

kadin palto cesitleri parka

5- Puffer Coat

Another daily use model among women’s winter coats is the goose-down ones. Although I personally don’t find it very feminine, especially Uniqlo’s coats that fit into a tiny bag and warm very well are a great choice for travel lovers. It’s also very light. Although these puffer coats are not my many friends’ style, they do buy one every time they travel abroad. Here, of course, the subject comes back to conscious fashion. Although goose down is very warming, we need to think about how much we should use it and whether we have the right to torment these animals. Maybe it’s acceptable in very cold countries or for people who get really cold, but frankly, as a designer and as an animal lover, I’m against the use of goose down.

kadin palto cesitleri kaz tuyu

6- Pea Coat

This model, which has a double-breasted front and ends just below the hips, is actually a classic woolen coat worn by sailors. Under this model, which is for both men and women, I like pants the best. For women, it’s easy to achieve casual chic with shiny metal buttons and a sweater in a contrasting color. This model can be combined with both flat and high-heeled shoes or boots, depending on the model of the sweater or pants you wear it with.

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7- Chesterfield Coat

It’s one of my favorites among the women’s coat types. This Chesterfield coat model, which makes the wearer look thin and tall, is straight cut and has a blazer-like collar. It’s perfect for both daytime and evening elegance, but remember not to cover the front of these coats. When it comes to choosing a bag, I recommend choosing models that are not too big. It’s a straight cut, so your bag can be a model to be hang on the shoulder or carried on hand like Emre NewYork LUCKY FLAP. Thus, you can easily capture a simple elegance both day and night.

kadin palto cesitleri chesterfield

8- Military Coat

Military model coats, as you may have guessed are the classic coat model worn by members of the army. Fitted through the bust and waist, they have double-breasted closure with stylish buttons. It adds a feminine but at the same time powerful expression. While complementing the military coat, which I think suits especially thin women with its hourglass-shaped cup, with your bag, the most important point to consider is to match the metal button color with the metal accessories in your bag.

kadin palto cesitleri asker

9- Cape Coat

This medieval model is still popular today. Although it is very comfortable to wear with its sleeveless design, in very cold temperatures, you can only be saved by thick clothes that you can wear underneath. With this type of winter coat, which completely covers the shoulders and is usually bell-shaped, it is impossible to use a bag worn on the shoulder. Therefore clutch models like EMRE NEWYORK POWER CLUTCH are more practical and stylish.

kadin palto cesitleri pelerin

10- Car Coat

Maybe this winter coat which many of you have heard of its name for the first time, is actually the model that you will be most comfortable while driving. This classic model with a front button fastening that ends above the knee is usually the style for those who prefer a minimalist style. Among the coat types, it is combined with all bag forms such as shoulder, arm and even portfolio. Since it has a boxy silhouette, you can easily wear it with classic cigarette pants and pencil skirts. It is an ideal coat especially for business women.

kadin palto cesitleri araba

11- Cocoon Coat

The trendy model cocoon winter coat is knee-length with low shoulders, a balloon waist and loose and slightly short sleeves. The button closure is a great choice for everyday elegance, especially with jeans. I recommend clutch or cross-body bags for this winter coat style, which you can combine with both boots and any flat or heeled shoes.

kadin palto cesitleri koza model

12- Duffle Coat

The duffle style, the most popular model among the women’s coat types, is the favorite of those who like to dress casual and chic. With large pockets and front closure with wooden buttons with rope or leather loops, the hood is a must-have. My favorite color of this model, which ends just above the knee, is camel brown. It looks especially great with blue jeans and boots. And thick turtlenecks go great with this model. It is also very useful for weekend trips as it keeps you very warm. Especially on these short trips by car, the pockets are very functional. For weekend getaways, of course, Emre NewYork WEEKENDER TOTE travel bag adds a distinct elegance to your style.

kadin palto cesitleri kaban

13- Maxi Coat

As the name suggests, it is the longest model among women’s winter coats. There are several key points to consider in this ankle-length model. First of all, if you have a petite figure, you need to have your maxi coats tailored to fit your body. Frankly speaking, I find this style of winter coat more suitable for tall women. Also, since this coat model will completely cover your outfit, your accessories and especially your bag are very important. You need to enrich it with pieces that stand out and reflect your style. For example, you can style your black maxi coat with a bag in a contrasting color. For more detailed information on this topic, just check my article about HOW TO COMBINE COLORS?

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