15 Tips for Traveling By Plane With A Dog

Perhaps one of the most stressful jobs for our loyal friends is going to the vet and the other is traveling by plane. Far from the comfortable environments they are used to, loud noises, bright lights, lots of people, not enough air pressure, cabin temperature and the need for a toilet. To cope with this stressful situation, I wanted to share with you 15 golden tips to consider before and during air travel with a dog.

First of all, if your furry friend is big size, unfortunately you can’t take it into the cabin. The only solution for them is to travel in the cargo hold. According to the pet transportation rules of Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s largest airlines, dogs taken on board must weigh a maximum of 8 kg and must be carried in a dog bag of dimensions accepted by the International Aviation Association. In this article, I have only written about how to travel with a small dog.

What to Consider Before Traveling by Plane with a Dog?

1- Rules of the destination country

Pet procedures vary widely from one country to the other. As an example, the United Kingdom has stringent regulations and pet travel can be quite costly. That’s why it’s smart to get in touch with the destination country’s consulate at least a month before taking an airplane trip with you puppy.

2- Health Status & Vaccinations of the Dog

You need to make sure that your dog is healthy enough to travel by plane. In the US, for example, breeds such as boxers and Boston Terriers are not allowed to fly at high altitudes because of the structure of their noses. Likewise, ask your veterinarian for detailed information about nutrition. The age and weight of the pet, which is recommended to fly on an empty stomach, and of course the duration of the flight should be taken into account

3- Pet Passport

At the departure from the country, it is necessary to obtain a passport for each pet, which includes vaccinations and all other information. Similarly, many countries require microchips.

4- Flight Reservation Procedures

According to international rules, each aircraft accepts pets for a certain number of cabins. This is why checking the flight’s availability and booking it in advance is essential. When booking, choose direct flights as much as possible. This means that on connecting flights or flights with a stopover at a specific destination, your dogs may be more stressed as the travel time will be longer.

Timing is very important. If you don’t have to, don’t travel by plane with your dog during peak periods such as holidays and New Year’s Eve. Possible delays and chaos at the airports may upset your dear friend. Choose morning flights in the warm season and midday flights if possible in cold weather.

5- Hotel Reservations

If you are going to stay in a hotel in your destination, you need to be careful. First of all, not all hotels in Turkey and the world accept pets. Those who accept also have certain criteria. For example, areas where your dog can enter, accommodation fees, insurance, etc. You can find many important points to consider when booking a hotel in my article on Pet Friendly Bodrum Hotels .

6- Choosing the Right Pet Carrier

Of course, the most important thing for all of us is that our pet friend has a pleasant, healthy and happy trip. This is why the dog carrier bag you choose is very, very important. First of all, your bag should be made of healthy raw materials. Imagine if your cute friend inhaled carcinogens during the whole trip! Compromising on quality is unthinkable. He has no mouth and no tongue, how can he explain his problems?

Another important point is that the dog bag you choose must comply with the transportation rules. Airlines have very serious rules about traveling with dogs in the cabin. They are particularly particular about size and weight.

The inside of the bag should provide enough comfort for your dog to rest. It should be large enough for him to lie down comfortably and move around. The ventilation should be designed so that the dog can breathe easily. The pet carrier should not crush, it should fit comfortably under the cabin seat. Whether on the move or in the cabin, it should not be shaken and should be easily transported. It should be designed so that you can feed your dog comfortably. When it’s time to sleep, the stylish curtain should be able to block out the surroundings.

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7- Favorite Things

It’s time to spoil our little friend a little. If possible, take your dog’s bedding, bowl, food and favorite toys with you. These small but important details provide a relaxing environment for your dog both along the way and at the destination.

We made our preparations, contacted the airline, got the necessary information from the vet, contacted the consulate, took care of passports etc. and bought the right dog bag. Now it’s time for how to travel with a dog.

What to Consider When Traveling with a Dog on a Plane?

A White Dog Stares Out the Window During a Plane Ride with a Dog

8- Nutrition & Medicines

8- In line with the information you will receive from your veterinarian, take your dog on the trip hungry. If he/ she has airsick, give your dog the necessary medication in advance. (it’s okay to give your dog water)

9- Departure to the Airport

Don’t arrive at the airport too late, but don’t rush to the airport at the last minute. It is enough to arrive half an hour earlier than the time given by the airlines, arriving earlier will unnecessarily prolong the stress period in your dear friend.

10- Check In Procedures and Boarding

Do your boarding without delay and pass through the security check quickly. At the security check, put your belongings through the Xray machine first and then pass through with your dog last.

11- Before Boarding

In the waiting room or other areas, keep your dog moving as much as possible.

12- Airplane Nutrition

Always have your dog’s favorite food and treats with you. At the same time, having a favorite toy with you will make you feel comfortable throughout the flight.

A Passenger Traveling by Plane with a Dog

13- Medicines

If your dog is not too noisy, you don’t need to give him a tranquilizer. However, sometimes, for the sake of your little friend’s health and the comfort of other passengers (especially on long journeys), take your veterinarian’s advice on tranquilizers into account.

14- After Landing

As soon as the plane lands at the airport, leave the plane as quickly as possible and after passport & baggage clearance give him/her sometime to move a little bit. Take him for a short walk to meet his immediate needs.

15- Other Passengers

And finally, my dear friends, when traveling by plane with a dog, don’t worry at all about the animal-hating passengers who may fall next to you. Enjoy your flight both of you, you deserve it! Let them grumble and grumble, it’s not like they can say ‘stop the plane, I’m going to land’!

These 15 tricks are a list that I have drawn from my own personal experience. Have you experienced any interesting incidents while traveling with a dog on a plane? While traveling by plane with a dog, have there been things you wish you had thought of earlier or things you wish you would never do again? Meet me in the comments.

Stay with love and happiness…

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