Adopting A Pet From Animal Shelters

adopting a pet from a shelter

World Animal Protection Day will be celebrated next week on October 4th. Don’t Buy, Adopt! is my motto. While adopting a pet from a shelter is a great idea, there are a few things to keep in mind both before and after making the commitment.

1-Choose the Right Pet for You

Think about your own needs, preferences and home before deciding what type and size of pet you want. While adopting a pet is a great decision, we need to know whether we can provide the right environment and facilities for our friend.

adopting a pet from a shelter a woman and a puppy

Are you looking for an active workout buddy or a friend to curl up next to? Are you at home most of the day or are you often away? Do you live in an apartment or do you have a garden? If you live in an apartment, what kind of people are your neighbors? Does the apartment complex you live in have a legal decision stating that ‘pets cannot be kept’?

Some companies, particularly in major cities, prohibit pets from being kept in buildings by printing such decisions on the title deed during the construction phase, but many people are unaware of this situation when purchasing or renting a home. When this decision is stubbornly maintained, it becomes incredibly irritating. It’s either that house or your pet that you’ll have to give up.

Adopting a pet that matches your positive responses to all of these questions is the next right move. For example, if you live in a two-room apartment, a wolfhound, which requires open space, is not a good fit for you or him. Similarly, if you travel frequently and for extended periods of time, you should avoid getting a cat.

The shelter staff is very familiar with the animals and will assist you in finding the perfect furry friend for you. By the way, before adopting a pet, you can form an emotional bond with the animal you’re interested in by visiting the shelter frequently.

2-What To Do After Adopting A Pet?

Adopting a pet is a significant change in your life, as well as it is for your home and family. It’s critical to anticipate what to expect and plan for the early days with your furry friend.

cats at the shelter

Adopting a Cat

Cats can take several weeks to adjust to a new environment. They may have to spend the entire day underground at first. They require your attention and affection, so give it to them. Don’t try to impose your will on the cats. Don’t be alarmed if she or he does not come to your lap or even near you. Simply talk sweetly to your pet and spend time in the same room with him or her. Cats are like genies; once they feel safe in your home, they will quickly adapt. Remember that cats prefer the comforts of home, and those who have spent time in shelters frequently have trust issues.

Adopting a Dog

It is also critical to provide a safe environment for dogs. Make a spot for them. In this corner, provide a bed or a hut where he or she can sleep. Get an EMRE NEWYORK DOG BAG to give your dog the comfort of a room as well as a safe haven. Because these pet bags, which I designed with a hotel room in mind, are a model that will put your dog or cat at ease. Place this bag containing food and water bowls in the corner designated for the new member of the household, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly they adapt to you and the house. Tiny chew toys for your dog will also help your adorable companion adjust to their new surroundings.

emre newyork pet bags collection
Emre NewYork Pet Carriers

3- Prepare Your Home

Right after adopting a pet and before bringing it home, it is important to make sure your home is ready. First, create a space for it. All pets need a quiet space where they feel safe, for example, a bed and some toys. It will be their own private place, so make it clean and comfortable for them. Remember that adopting a pet entails welcoming a brand new member into your life for the duration of their life.

Then proceed to prepare the rest of the house. Cats, for example, have been observed nibbling on houseplants. The aloe vera plant, which is beneficial to humans, is poisonous to cats. Unfortunately, such unhealthy plants must be destroyed.

Preparation for your dog is also essential. If your dog wanders into the yard, it can help itself to whatever you’ve thrown out with the trash. You should either destroy as many of these containers as possible or keep an eye on your dog. If possible, never leave your dog outside alone, because there are many psychotics among us who think that pets should be poisoned!

Finally, when adopting a pet, think about other furry friends and family members. If you have children, teach them that this new furry friend is not a toy and that they may be scared or anxious at first. If you have other pets in your home, remember that it will take time for them to get used to each other. Especially if you have a cat, don’t mind the torment, spoiling and fights with the newcomer. They will get used to each other in time.

4 – Help Your Furry Friend Adapt to the Environment

Your furry friend is home. He settled in well, met his family members. Socializing is next.

Pets need exercise, social time and mental stimulation to be healthy. This is easier for dogs. You can take your dog for frequent walks to give it exercise and socialize it at the same time. For cats, however, it’s a bit different. Cats don’t go for walks. If the cat you have adopted continues to avoid you, then you need to play with it. Some cats like to play by themselves, while others like to play with you. It’s easy to get a sense of your cat’s character if you get toys that are suitable for both purposes. That lovely thing will show you the right path.

adopting a pet and socializing it

It is very important to go out and walk with your dog because he needs to meet other people. After all, your dog can go everywhere with you. Whether you want your dog to be with you when traveling, shopping or even on public transportation, your pet needs to be used to unfamiliar places, noises and people.

I recommend that people who want to adopt a pet, especially for dogs, seek the support of specialized trainers or at least read scientific articles and books written on the subject.

5- Pay Attention to Health and Safety

After adopting a pet from a shelter, you should visit your veterinarian. Especially for fleas, lice and vaccinations, you should go to a veterinarian you know and trust and have your pet checked. You must register your pet by having it chipped, which is a legal requirement. Nowadays, there are pet health insurances in Turkey as well. My advice is to contact these companies and take out a small insurance policy. Because veterinary services are really jaw-dropping.

Bonus: Adopting a Pet in Turkey

The procedure for adopting a pet in Turkey is not very complicated. Forms prepared by the shelters need to be filled in. In these forms prepared for pet adoption, questions such as whether the animal will live in appropriate conditions after adoption, whether the pet owner has sufficient time and financial means, whether they will have different pets at home, how many hours they will be alone during the day, whether it is accepted to be taken to health services in case of illness or accident, whether periodic control visits are approved, whether it is accepted that the adopted dog will be sterilized in the future are asked to be answered. Adoptions from all shelters are of course free of charge.

Yesterday, my digital agency, whose owners are also crazy animal lovers, gave me some great news. With the E-Government program, adopting a pet online is possible. You can adopt your furry friend through the app. I would also like to thank all our conscientious managers who thought of and implemented this practice. The world is becoming livable thanks to these kind-hearted people. I wish for a life where we will not find pets to adopt in the shelter and all our furry friends will find their warm homes…

With love,

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