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painting lessons and art therapy with emre erturk

Art therapy classes are a lifesaver for the chaotic life we lead. In fact, art therapy has been practiced in Europe for almost a century. The roots of the painting therapy method, which aims to purify people from daily stress by turning inward, date back to Freud and Jung. Before we move on to art therapy and painting course , which I explain in detail below, let’s first take a look at this important connection between art and healing.

What is Art Therapy with Painting?

In the simplest terms, we can define it as the most accurate expression and healing of the subconscious mind with the extraordinary creativity within everyone. First of all, creativity is an intrinsic ability, a wonderful trait that we all have in our DNA but that remains hidden. The philosophy of art therapy with painting is a journey back to our own essence by discovering this ability to create.

What are the Benefits of Art Therapy with Painting?

Art is one of the most effective means of expressing thoughts and feelings. In the context of art and healing, the aim of art therapy is to bring the suppressed feelings and thoughts of the person to the level of consciousness and to make them aware. The goal is for people who are unable to hear their inner voice due to various external factors to recognize their feelings, express them and develop appropriate responses to improve the quality of their lives.

To summarize:

– Focusing on emotions through lines and colors
– Awareness of these feelings.
– Expressing these feelings verbally and non-verbally
– Recognize the situations that arouse anger in people and what their reactions are
– Developing the ability to express emotions
– Awareness and acceptance of negative judgments that lead to negative emotions
– Confronting anxieties and fears and acknowledging emotions, especially those that cause them pain

a method of treatment that heals the human spirit and subsequently, naturally, their health.

art therapy and painting courses

How Did My Painting Therapy Story Begin?

When I was 24 years old, my journey began when my spiritual mother Dear Mrs. Meral İkizler, one of the well-known figures of the society life, introduced me to Brahma Kumaris.

Brahma Kumaris is a worldwide spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation and world renewal. Its aim is to help individuals transform their view of the world from materialistic to spiritual. Its goal is a deep collective consciousness of peace and the individual development of each soul.

With the trainings I received here, I learned what the golden age teaching is.

We all know that art is a science. We see the best examples in the works of the genius Leonardo Da Vinci. It was through my training in Brahma Kumaris that I combined cosmic and esoteric teachings with art.

After my education in Istanbul and then London, I moved to New York. During this time, the doors of my consciousness began to open.

In addition to my fine arts education, I started to open painting exhibitions while I was taking my bachelor’s degree program in film directing. However, as all good things come to an end, this training was going to end after 1.5 years. I really wanted to continue my life in New York. As fate would have it, this is when our paths crossed with the famous Japanese painter Rima Souki. Souki enlightened me about deep cosmic and esoteric knowledge. I had exhibitions with him in Soho. These exhibitions continued afterwards.

With the knowledge I received from Souki, I turned to different fields to improve myself. I started researching topics such as the Energy of Colors, Feng Shui. Unbelievable but true, I started to enjoy painting more as my horizons broadened in these fields. When I realized how consciousness and awareness have a great impact on art, I became interested in quantum teachings and angelic rituals.

I have personally experienced how the path to awareness is opened by sharing information. It was like my third eye was opened.

Years followed years. I was now a painter whose name was known, whose paintings did not need manipulation, and who was loved in art circles.

In the meantime, I continued my journey of self-improvement without a break. I received transformal breath training from dear Merva Onur. I also received reiki training from dear İsmail Bülbül and became an initiate. Now, reiki is an integral part of my life, I practice it every day.

How did Art Therapy and Painting Courses Start?

In fact, as much as I have been interested in learning since a young age, I like to share what I know with my environment. Sometimes in friendly gatherings, sometimes at serious educational institutions such as VAKKO ESMOD where I have worked as an instructor.

With these trainings I received for my inner journey, it was time to combine and share my experience with the art of painting. I have developed a special teaching technique that blends my academic and spiritual training. This is how Art Therapy and Painting Courses with Emre Erturk started.

Art Therapy and Painting Courses with Emre Erturk

In the first lessons, I ask my students to write down in a notebook what they want to happen in their own lives to get them into the positive space. Then I ask them to read these affirmations out loud, believing them with all their hearts.

This ritual raises the student to a certain level of energy. I call this technique the first introduction to the art of painting with Emre Erturk, which puts us in the high vibration field in our lives.

I bring my students, who I believe are ready for the journey of awareness, together with canvas and acrylic paints without wasting any time. This method creates a special energy field for us. It’s actually a magnetic field. When we enter this magnetic field, we carry the affirmations we expressed at the beginning of our lesson to a high energy level.

These affirmations are a secret between us. Everyone has their own dreams, hopes and ideals. Saying these things out loud is actually my student’s way of letting them out.

The DNA of creation that exists in everyone is revealed during Art Therapy and Painting Courses with Emre Erturk. Students experience the importance of discipline and stability, as well as being courageous and authentic with me. They also learn academic painting techniques.

personalized painting lessons

Dear Friends

I want to emphasize this. ART IS NOT A HOBBY! You don’t make art to fill free time. I get annoyed with people who say they read books in their spare time. Because reading books broadens one’s horizons and opens sails to brand new worlds. The wise person who wants to improve his or her quality of life should make special time for art, that is, invest in his or her soul.

Art has and should have a goal. One of the things my teachers at the Academy of Fine Arts used to say never leaves my mind. They used to say that those who could paint could even build ships in the future. The reason for this is that those who paint remain calm and in the moment, they engage their reasoning abilities, they experience being flexible, finding solutions to detail, they feel energized, their horizons expand. They pour their emotions onto the canvas, thus discharging themselves and cleansing themselves of negative emotions. Likewise, their creativity makes them feel more empowered. Art has no age. I have students as young as 13 and as old as 63. We work face to face or through zoom. Some people receive my teachings in 2 hours, while others want to go deeper. We do 6 – 8 hour workshops.

I train my students who wish to open their personal painting exhibitions with high level trainings.

Who are Art Therapy and Painting Courses for?

I always come across this question: ‘I can’t even draw a straight line, but I’ve always been interested in painting’ In fact, we all have talents hidden inside us, waiting to be discovered. Even someone who has never picked up a brush in his life should attend my painting courses if he feels like painting. Because I am not scouting for talent here. I am here to help you unearth that hidden gem somewhere inside you. With the techniques I have developed for myself, you not only gain technical knowledge about painting, but also purify your soul and learn to make a perfect journey to your inner world.

So far I have only given private lessons. But the fact that painting, in addition to being art, is also a method for healing and purification, and that all of humanity urgently needs this purification, made me reconsider my decision. In order to transfer our energy to surfaces such as canvas, stone, wood by painting, to strengthen our magnetic field and purify our soul, I decided to give art therapy and painting courses with Emre Erturk, also for groups. Of course, my one-to-one painting lessons continue.

I prepare these classes as customized package workshops. If you would like to get more detailed information, please fill out the form below or send me a message on EMREERTURKDESIGN Instagram account.

With love,

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