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the most expensive bag Hermes at bag auctions

Most of us think that auctions are usually for works of art. But nowadays, when design is an art form, some of the world’s major auction houses organize bag auctions, and many of them even have online sales.

Christie’s and Sotheby’s, two of the world’s most well-known auction houses, come up with catalogs of limited edition bags, especially Hermes, for bag lovers every year. When we say bag enthusiast, it comes to my mind, Kim Kardashian who purchased EMRE NEWYORK FIRST CLASS DOG BAG from my pet carrier collection. According to legend, the total number of Hermes bags owned by the women of this family exceeds three hundred. But believe it or not, the world’s largest Hermes collection belongs to a Singaporean influencer. Jamie Chua, a former air hostess, is one of today’s most important social media stars and has a collection of Hermes bags more than 200.

The World’s Most Important Bag Auctions

Women’s passion for bags is so great that Sotheby’s, one of the most important auction houses in the world, sells Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags at its ONLINE STORE. However you should be careful when shopping here. Because some of the bags are forbidden to be taken out of the country because they are made from the skins of endangered animals. (I don’t understand why people are so obstinate about purchasing these skins. It’s in the name: endangered. Allow the animals to live in the wild instead of walking dead on your arm!). Anyway, auction houses do not interfere with customs, fines, etc. in any way. They don’t even take responsibility for shipment.

Anyway, let’s talk about bag auctions. Christie’s is holding three bag events this year. These bag auctions, which will be held online in Paris and Hong Kong in November and in New York in December, require advance registration. There’s also another bag auction going on just right now.

There are also special collections where no price is written on any of the pieces. The product I was most interested in was the Nike shoes worn by legendary player Michael Jordan in the 1998 NBA finals. As you might guess, the price and who put it up for sale is a secret.

The Most Popular Model at the Bag Auctions

Sotheyb’s has more bags. However, it was the Hermes Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile White Birkin that caught my attention in both auction houses. With an opening price of 100,000 US dollars, the expected selling price of the Birkin Bag is around 175,000 dollars. This is the current online boutique sale price. A 25 cm Birkin model of the same bag was sold for 240,000 dollars at Christie’s auction house, after being bid at 150,000 dollars. Made from the skin of a crocodile living in the Nile river, this bag is characterized by color transitions. It is called Himalayan because it turns from smoky gray to pearl white, resembling the smoky peaks of mountains and snow. What makes it so popular with collectors is that it is so rare that it becomes the most profitable item for bag auctions every year. It’s kind of like a stock, but a stock that keeps going up! Perfect return on investment. The one on the cover of my article, adorned with diamonds, was bought 3 years ago for 500,000 dollars. It is currently estimated that if it goes to auction, the opening price will be 750,000 and the sale price will be around 1 million dollars.

dunyanin en pahali cantasi hermes himalaya

Meanwhile, the Geneva branch of the auction house will hold two auctions in November and the New York branch in December.

Another thing I noticed is that some of the bags at Sotheby’s, which also sells online, are very ordinary. In fact, it’s so ordinary that it’s hard to understand why they are at Sotheby’s online shopb Let me give you an example. The Speedy model bag, which is in almost every LV fan’s closet, costs $2,000 in the auction house’s online store. The same item costs $1490 at the brand’s store. It’s neither vintage nor handmade! So I’m not sure why this model has a spot in such a prestigious auction house’s online shop.

How Do Bag Auctions Work?

It is not difficult to gain entry into these auctions. To begin, you must become a member of the two auction houses I mentioned earlier. A credit card is required for membership, but no withdrawals are made. The goal is simply to ensure that the information you provide matches that provided by the bank where the card is registered. Your membership is verified by an e-mail sent to you after the necessary checks, and you can see all prices. You can either shop or sell after becoming a member.

In fact, this is a perfect opportunity for those who have a lot of brand bags in their closet and don’t use them or can’t bear to throw them away. Let’s say you have a vintage Louis Vuitton or Chanel bag. The bag itself is in good condition, but you don’t use it anymore. You can contact auction houses, have your bag appraised and, if the conditions are met put it up for sale online. Especially if your bag is from one of the really limited collections, then it is possible to sell it for a good price. In fact, live or online bag auctions held in Europe, the United States and the Far East at certain times of the year are also a good alternative for you to make use of such special pieces.

Christie’s Auction and a Turkish Designer

As you can see from what I’ve written above, these bag auctions are actually held for some of the world’s major brands. But my connection with Christie’s goes back many years. At a private reception at the London home of my dear friend Meera Gandhi, a Christie’s auction was organized. I participated in this auction to benefit the Tiger Time Foundation with one of paintings and my Tiger Bag. All the proceeds were used for endangered tigers. As a Turkish designer, it is a source of pride for me to take part in such an important event with both my art and my design.

Christie's special bag auction Emre Erturk and Tiger Bag
Emre Ertürk and Abigail Titmuss Emre NewYork Tiger Bag

Isn’t it interesting that on the one hand, there are auctions to protect wildlife and give hope to endangered animals, and on the other, there is a trade in bags made from extinction-threatened animals, as well as an incredible passion for these skins? Having designed more than 450 bags since 2000, I insist on using vegan leather in my bags. If you think about it, Turkey is actually a leather production center, there is nothing easier for me than using animal leather, but I always prefer VEGAN LEATHER. Because I believe that in order to leave a better world for future generations, we all need to put our effort and be conscious. It goes without saying that beauty and aesthetics are important, but we must remember that while we are focused on our own beauty, we have no right to take away the life of another living being.

With love,

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