The 7 Most Beautiful Art Hotels in the World

the 7 most beautiful art hotels in the world

As we leave 2022 behind and enter the new year with good hopes and excitement, travel and art, which add happiness to people’s lives, are the subject of my first article in 2023. Everything that feeds on art beautifies our lives with the positive energy it creates. So I wanted to start the new year with the 7 most beautiful art hotels in the world.

What is an Art Hotel?

An art hotel can be defined as a facility in a hotel where works of art and artistic events are displayed in rooms, corridors, lobbies and other environments, and where these works and events are shown during visitors’ activities such as relaxing, dining or meeting. These facilities are often designed to organize cultural events and create an artistic atmosphere. An art hotel aims to offer a unique experience to its guests through artworks and events, often created by the artists whose work is exhibited in the hotel.

Art and Decoration

In the past years, in my capacity as a painter and fashion designer, I have been working with the world-renowned architect Philippe Starck YooIstanbul housing project, and I cretated Emre NewYork Home Collection where I reflected my oil paintings and project-specific designs on home textile products woven with high quality cottons and dressed the living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms in Yooİstanbul sample apartments. My exclusive designs, the fruit of this perfect combination of art and decoration, brought a breath of fresh air to the project.

emre erturk commission art
Emre NewYork Home Collection

It is very pleasing that the value given to art and artists in the world is rapidly gaining momentum. The rise in the appreciation of travelers has led hotels, residences and projects to turn towards different initiatives. It’s a good thing, too. Nowadays, people prefer places with aesthetic elements, places beautified by art, rather than places that are copies of each other.

There are serious pleasing developments in our country in terms of art hotels. Let’s start our list of the 7 most beautiful art hotels in the world with Turkey.

The Museum Hotel – Antakya

In May, I will organize an exclusive thematic trip for my close friends in Antakya, which is very special for me. One of the rare places in the world where 3 religions are in harmony with each other. The Museum Hotel Antakya, which ranks first among the best art hotels in the world in my opinion, is also the world’s first museum hotel. The museum part of the hotel, which is a favorite of art-loving travelers with its priceless mosaics, is also open to the public.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli antakya

Le Royal Monceau – Paris

Designed by Philippe Starck, this hotel is a fusion of historic and modern Paris. Art and history are so intertwined in this hotel that it has an Art Concierge who makes special plans for guests, organizing tours of the hotel’s private collection of 300 pieces. The hotel even has a contemporary art bookstore and offers different services for artistic events such as tours of artists’ studios and private screenings of special works. When you’re in Paris, don’t forget to visit The Most Beautiful Modern Art Museums in Paris

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli paris

Le Fife Arms / Highlands

Le Fife Arms, which has a well-deserved reputation in Scotland when it comes to luxury, is located in a large country house. The hotel in the Highlands is home to more than 16,000 antiques and a vast collection of Victorian Scottish furniture curated by the famous art lover couple Ivan & Manuela Worth. In this hotel, it is possible to see many works of art called commission art, which are specially commissioned by artists. I would also like to give some information about Commisson Art.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli iskocya

What is Commission Art?

Unfortunately, it is mistranslated in Turkish, many people perceive it negatively. In fact, the real meaning is this: the creation of artwork specifically for a particular client based on the client’s specifications and wishes is called commission art. Commission art, also known as custome made art, is usually created for private individuals according to a chosen theme, but can also be commissioned by businesses or even official organizations, as in the case of the Fife Arms. The reason why I am so familiar with this subject is that I have been making Commission art for places like hotels and houses for a long time. I will publish a detailed article on this subject in the coming days. Now let’s return to our article on the 7 most beautiful art hotels in the world.

Rosewood – Hong Kong

Another address where fashion, art and luxury come together is Rosewood Hong Kong. I say fashion because the hotel, where the wall coverings are from the famous French brand Hermes fascinates art-loving travelers with the sculptures of Edward Waites and the works of Lisa Stimpson. The hotel’s sculpture collection is worth a visit. Highlights of the collection include a huge Henry Moore sculpture that greets guests as they exit the garage and a life-size elephant by Indian artist Bharti Kerr next to the flower shop outside the lobby. Butterfly Brasserie, one of the hotel’s restaurants, is also designed by Damien Hirst.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli hong kong

Byblos Art Hotel – Verona

Another hotel among the 7 most beautiful art hotels in the world is Byblos Villa Amista, a few kilometers from Verona, the quaint town of Romeo and Juliet and home to one of the most important marble fairs in the world.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli italya

Designed like a permanent contemporary art exhibition, Byblos Art hotel hosts many works by world-renowned artists. The collaboration with renowned architect and designer Alessandro Mendini, as well as the careful renovations in terms of architecture and paintings, and the meticulous selection of furniture and artworks, have transformed this villa into a true museum of contemporary art and design. The hotel houses the works of more than 25 artists, including Anish Kapoor, one of the most important names in contemporary art, and the rooms of the hotel show how modern art perfectly harmonizes with the decoration.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel – Berlin

Arte Luise Kunsthotel, which is not 5 stars like the hotels I mentioned above, is located in Mitte, Berlin’s most vibrant neighborhood. More like an art gallery than a hotel, the hotel’s 50 rooms are designed and painted by 50 artists. This hotel welcomes its guests with sculptures in the lobby where artists reflect their originality.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli berlin

Dolder Grand – Zurich

Another of the world’s most beautiful art hotels is The Dolder Grand in Zurich. Home to Dali’s “Femmes métamorphosées”, Botero’s “Woman with Fruit”, Henry Moore’s Draped, the hotel has an art collection of more than 100 pieces, including works by Zaha Hadid and Joan Miró. But the most striking work is the 11-meter-long Andy Warhol’s Great Retrospective Painting in the reception area.

dunyanin en guzel sanat oteli zurih

As I said at the beginning of my article, travelers now expect different experiences instead of staying in identical hotels. Since art makes everything it touches unique, it adds quality to life at every point of human life, whether in tourism or decoration. In 2023, we wish you many more trips with unforgettable experiences…

With love,

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