Choosing the Right Bag for Your Body Type / 7 Tips

choosing the right bag for your body type

Believe it or not, if the bag you choose is not appropriate for your height, weight, and body type, no matter how beautiful you are, your appearance will be mediocre at best. So when it comes to choosing the right bag for your body type, you need to pay attention if the bag you like is proportional to your body. It is unforgivable for a woman who is one meter fifty centimeters tall to carry an oversized hobo bag !!! It is impossible to understand whether she is wearing the bag or the bag is carrying her! As a designer who has created more than 450 bag models for more than 20 years, I wanted to share with you 7 tips for choosing the right bag for your body type.

By the way, I know there are tons of articles on this subject on the internet, but what one says does not match the other. If every person who holds a pen in his hand is told to write, here it is perfect storm!

Here are 7 tips for choosing the right bag for your body type:

1- Choosing the Right Bag for Pear Body Types

Leave the hip-hugging bags at home if your center of gravity is lower on your body. Simply put, this style of bag emphasizes the wearer’s hips. You should stick to shoulder bags that can be slung over one shoulder and taper to a waist strap. For example, one of my seasonal models TOKEN TOTE is a very good choice for women with a pear body. Use the detachable shoulder strap of this bag only as decoration. The aim is to place your bag at maximum waist level.

2- Which Bag is Right for Petite Women?

Let’s talk about the second body type: petite women. Our ancestors said that a chunky chicken always looks fresh. I swear they are right. Although my petite friends always say ‘oh, I wish I was a little taller’, they are actually so lucky! They can look young for life. Of course, this does not mean that they can easily wear every bag.

Small or medium sized bags with a short or medium length strap are ideal for achieving a perfect proportion. Bags with very long straps draw attention down and make you look shorter. Large bags make you look even shorter. My suggestion for choosing the right bag for your body if you are a petite woman is from my Emre NewYork collection LUCKY BAG. You can wear this model on the shoulder or cross-body.

minyon kadinlar icin dogru canta secimi 1

3- Bag Models Suitable for Plus Size Women

Before we get to the clue, let me say this. Don’t dismiss life by saying you’re plus size. Don’t beat yourself up. With the right choice of clothes and accessories, I have many dear friends who, instead of being called ‘fat’, are called ‘what a majestic woman’. The important thing is to make a big difference with small nuances. For curvy or plus-size women, proportion comes into play again.

Proportion literally means the integrity of the parts to each other and the balance between them. When you look at it from this perspective, what do you see? The answer is simple! Plus sizes should never use small bags! It’s called plus size! The smaller the bag, the bigger you look. In the same way, get rid of round shaped or too large bags from your wardrobe immediately. When choosing the right bag for the imposing body type, choose flat medium-sized bags, that is, models in balance with your image. As an example of this type of bag, you can see one of my old season models Fringe Hobo below.

plus size women's handbag selection black hobo bag with fringes

4- Choosing the Right Bag For Hourglass Body Type

For so-called hourglass bodies with balanced measurements, I recommend bags that are close to the waist or right at the level of the hips. Medium-sized hobos (soft leather), cross-body bags are for you. However, when choosing the right bag for your body, make sure that it is proportional to your size. Choose models that draw attention to your waist. Use color with confidence. After all, you have a balanced body. Even a motif or accessory on the bag you choose at waist level will make you even more attractive. Emre NewYork CHARM BAG is exactly what I’m talking about. It is a model suitable for the hourglass body type with its diagonal structure and long strap. Moreover, the horseshoe figure on the front of the bag distinguishes it from its counterparts.

5- Bag Model Suitable for Apple Body Type

The apple body type usually has a large chest and waist circumference. That’s why small bags and bags with short straps make you look even more voluminous. To draw attention away from the upper part, it would be a good choice to use a structured, angular bag at the hip level or lower. Kennedy Bag, which I designed in the past seasons, is an example suitable for the angular bag model.

bag model kennedy bag suitable for body type

6- Choosing the Right Bag for Tall and Thin Body Type Women

We have come to bag models suitable for tall, thin women. First of all, stay away from structured shaped bags. Your features are angular because you are already thin. Therefore, you can choose soft models rather than shaped bags. But avoid models that are too wide, too big or too small. Short-handled bags, especially those carried on the shoulder, make you look taller. If you don’t have such an intention, then you can draw attention down by opting for models with slightly longer handles. Kunis model, also from my past collections is a perfect example of this type of bag.

vucut tipine uygun canta secimi5

7- Choosing a Suitable Bag for Athletic Women

This body type, which some call athletic and some call rectangular, is also very advantageous. Because your shoulders, waist and hips are in proportion to each other. Especially clutch bags are for you. These types of bags, which can be tucked under the arm or hand-carried at waist level, make you more flashy. POWER CLUTCH from Emre NewYork is a great example for choosing the right bag if your body is rectangular. Because you can carry it under your arm or at waist level with its removable handle.

vucut tipine uygun canta secimi4

I would also like to underline an important point. As you know, our world is in great ecological danger. We have become conscious that everything we use should not harm the environment and we have started to take precautions. With the Conscious Fashion trend, the use of vegan leather in bags is spreading rapidly. For years, I have been using eco-friendly materials and vegan leather in all my collections. Vegan Leather is not plastic, by the way. A type of leather produced from natural raw materials including grapes, apples, and even cactus. Don’t forget to read my article for detailed information on VEGAN LEATHER.

They say the devil is in the detail. What a true statement indeed. Whether a bag has rounded lines, a long handle or an angular shape, it can instantly enhance your entire look, or it can make all your hard work go to waste. For this reason, while shopping, take these tips into consideration when choosing a bag that is not only suitable for its color and aesthetics, but also for your body type. Because no one is perfect, but it is up to us to look perfect.

With love,

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