Style Tips for Colorful Bag Combination

A woman’s favorite accessories are bags and shoes. I guess no one will argue otherwise. Many women prefer black and brown when choosing a bag. But after a certain point, only black becomes boring. Instead, you can add a difference to your style by combining the right colored bags, and you can even make use of the bags you have in your closet but never use.

Before moving on to my colorful bag combination suggestions, I would like to share one more thing with you. Or rather a question. Are you one of those people who feel that certain colors suit you better, that you feel better with this color, that your energy increases? For example, pink is very special to me. Whenever I wear or wear pink, I feel incredibly energized and happy, and all my work goes well that day. This is certainly not a coincidence. I know that. Because pink is considered the color of renewal in many energy teachings.

That’s why I’m starting with the pink colored bag combination.

Matching Combinations with Pink Bag

2023 In my collection for the MADISON bag, I used pink as the main color and black as a complementary color. With the pink & black pairing, I designed this bag for both day and night use. Let’s talk about which outfits you can combine in pink color bag.

Combination Suggestions for Pink Color Bag

  • Pink pleated skirt – black basic t-shirt – black leather jacket – black trendy sneakers
  • Fabric pants – blazer or matador style jacket or skirt jacket
madison black pink colored bag combi black leather jacket black shoes black shoes pink skirt black t-shirt

Cognac Colored Bag and Matching Combinations

Another color I like to use in my designs is a shade of brown called whiskey or cognac. One of the pieces of my Timeless collection LUCKY FLAP BAG is suitable for all seasons, both day and night. There are some colors that are combined with many different colors. That’s what this Lucky Flap bag is all about.

My Combination Suggestions for Cognac Colored Bag

  • Completely beige or cream colored jacket -pants or jacket skirt + cognac shoes
  • Dark blue jeans + white shirt + big yellow belt with metal buckle + Chesterfied model bitter brown coat
cognac colored bag combination shoes cream color skirt jacket suit

Matching Combinations with Burgundy Color Bag

When used correctly, burgundy color has a slimming effect like black. It matches perfectly with beige and warm gray.

My Combination Suggestions for Burgundy Color Bag

  • Gray loose fit fabric pants + burgundy sweater + off-white fabric coat
  • Navy blue jeans + cream crew neck sweater + light blue coat

Matching Combinations with Gray Bag

Another model in my Timeless collection CHARM FREE BAG I preferred smoked gray that can be combined with any color. Another feature of gray is that no matter what your hair and skin color are, it looks good on all types of people when you find the right shade.

My Combination Suggestions for Gray Color Bag

  • White jeans + orange shirt + trendy sneakers
  • Light blue cargo pants + navy blue sweater + gray coat
colorful bag tips for gray colored bag orange top white trousers gold sneakers

Matching Combinations with Lilac Bag

Lilac suits blondes and brunettes extremely well. You can easily pair lilac POWER CLUTCH from my timeless collection with both romantic combinations and assertive outfits, day or night. Like pink, lilac, which belongs to the purple family, raises energy and makes people feel dynamic.

My Combination Suggestions for Lilac Color Bag

  • Satin long cream skirt + dark purple oversized sweater + purple & lilac patterned sneakers
  • Gray jeans + white shirt + dark gray coat
lilac colored bag combi gray jeans white shirt gray coat

My Tips for Colorful Bag Combination

  • Combine the color variations of bags and clothes. For more detailed information on the harmony of colors before you start making a colorful bag combination, have a look at my article HARMONY OF COLORS.

White : Black – Silver – Green – Fuchsia – Blue – Lilac – Gray – Gold – Orange – Red – Pink.
Brown White – Beige – Camel – Ivory.
Black: White – Red – Gray – Violet – Gold – Green.
Beige Blue – Black – Light blue – Light green – Chocolate.

  • Match the bag with other accessories. It doesn’t have to be shoes. A scarf, a headdress, earrings, some bracelets, a hat or even nail polish. For different colored bags, make sure that the shoes are either similar in tone or completely opposite in color.
  • Get the patterned multicolored bag combinations right. Patterned bags are more difficult to use than plain bags. However, with the right combination, you can make your bag the star by keeping your outfit simple. What you should pay attention to here is that you should choose the dominant color on the patterned and colored bag and choose some shoes and clothes that match that color or are as similar as possible.
  • Pay attention to your body shape when buying a bag. Your bag should not only match your clothes or shoes, but also your body structure. As I mentioned in my article on bag models suitable for body type, you should look at the size, shape and length of the bag while shopping. If you are tall, choose a big one. Do the opposite if you are short or petite. So your bag should be neither too small nor too big on you.
  • As for the form of the bag , choose the one that is opposite to your own body structure. If you are tall and thin, a round bag is ideal. This will soften your lines. If you are rounded or overweight, flat bags are the most suitable. If you are not very tall, your bag should have a long handle. If you have wide hips, ending your bag at waist level will draw attention away from your hips.

Dear Friends

When making a colorful bag combination, it is as important to use the bag correctly as it is to match it. Factors such as carrying it in the appropriate way according to the model (on the arm, shoulder or hand), not stuffing the bag and deforming it, and an elegant grip make your elegance even more prominent. I believe there is dignity in carrying a bag. For example, my dear friend Demet Oger, a successful film producer, carries her bag like a work of art, no matter the model. It is a fact that the bag is not just a complementary element, but an accessory that improves the quality of the outfit and stylizes the appearance of its owner. When we start from this point, complementing your elegance with more original and creative pieces, instead of the ubiquitous replicas, will differentiate you from others and take you out of the ordinary.

With love,

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