Colors Of Seasons

Colors of seasons comes up frequently in many projects that I am the creative director of. I’ll never forget that my dear mother was very particular about seasonal colors. Her mother was Melek Sepetcioglu, one of the first haute couture tailors of the Republic of Turkey. For many years, my grandmother made her living as an haute couture tailor in Argalia, now known as Araklı. The noble and confident woman of the newborn Turkish Republic. According to my mother, she never broke the rule of dark colors in winter and light colors in summer known as seasonal colors. I never knew my grandmother, but I think I owe some of my talents to her genes.

Which Colors in Which Season?

In general, there are colors of seasons. In summer we prefer vibrant, bright colors. In spring, we want to wear fresh, pastel warm colors with the energy coming from nature. Winter means cool and icy colors. If it’s autumn… Yes, you guessed it well: falling leaves: gold and earth tones.

Spring Colors

When I talk about the colors of seasons, I booked the first place for spring taking its colors from the pastel tones of the rainbow. Renewed nature, the first flowers of the season, a sparkling sky… Baby blue, pastel pink, lavender, light gray, pale gray, pale peach, mint green and cream aren’t they perfect for feeling the joy of spring?

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Summer Colors

Which of us doesn’t feel energized under the bright sun? Summer colors are vibrant, rich and bold. Inspired by sunlight, flowers and the sea. Turquoise, orange, lemon yellow, bright red, fuchsia, pink, cream and of course magical white. Especially pink is a color that I love to use in my creations. Contrary to popular belief, pink is very versatile. It matches perfectly with tan, cream, and white. Especially in your summer and spring shopping, you shouldn’t miss the pink color from your wardrobe.

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Autumn Colors

When I think of autumn, I always think of Charles Aznavour and Falling Leaves. Along with tan, mahogany, espresso browns, shades of mustard, caramelized oranges, army green, eggplant dark purples and of course cream, grey and black are a the seasonal colors of autumn.

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Winter Colors

Here we are! Winter time. Gloomy for some and active for others. In fact, winter marks the absence of color in nature. The golden autumn leaves are replaced by bare trees and the ground is covered with snow. Black, gray, white and cream are the first colors that come to my mind when I think of the indispensable colors of the winter which gets a little bit more colorful during the New Year. Accessories in ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green and of course burgundy. Especially for winter, sapphire blue is very prominent among the 2022 seasonal colors.

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So far so good, colors of seasons exist. But! As an international designer who has been in the fashion industry for many years, I don’t pay much attention to these general rules. I don’t like these kinds of barriers restricting me, like the colors of seasons. I hate it when someone decides for me, and I hate it when just because a color is in fashion, everyone wears that color for a season, whether they look good in it or not. Imagine, because the fashionable color is coffee, brunette women wear brown! It’s incredibly de-energizing, let alone visual.

When I make my designs, I first visualize who the bag is for and think about the occasions in which it will be worn. I imagine with which clothes it would look like a jewel on you. Then I combine it with a hit color of the season. As my dear friend Kathleen Kennedy said, I love to use colors boldly. With the right color combinations, it is truly amazing how colors can raise (or lower) your energy.

Because I’m a summer child, for me, light-colored accessories are indispensable whether it’s winter or autumn. For example, since winter 2020, stores and fashion magazines have been flooded with off-white boots and bags. It turned out very well. Already darkened by this pandemic, beige and white bloomed like snowdrops.

Due to my profession, I am surrounded by successful women. The bags of these elegant women are full to the brim. It’s normal, nowadays the must-haves of the modern woman’s bag are endless.

When I frequently heard my friends complaining “oh, I’m sick of this bag, it’s too heavy, it’s too small, it falls off my shoulder, it slips out of my hand”, I said to myself “okay”. ‘Emre, make a bag that is both stylish and useful. It can be worn on the shoulder, carried on the arm or even used diagonally. Thus, my Token Tote bag was born.

When designing my Token Tote bag, I worked in 3 colors I love: energetic orange, elegant beige and noble black. Among the 2022 season colors, especially beige is at the forefront again. The energy it adds to clothes in the gloomy weather of winter is indisputable. Black is already number 1 in our wardrobes.

The Token Tote model was produced in very small numbers and exclusively. And because I am a true animal lover, my bags are vegan leather. I only use calfskin on the handles (vegan leather is not plastic leather!. A nice article about this is coming soon)

Beige and black colors are currently on sale in my online store. Unfortunately, there is no more orange. Now I have a surprise for you: For the first post of Emre Erturk Blog, 15% discount for all my readers with the code WELCOMETOMYBLOG. All you have to do is click on this link make your purchase and enter the discount code at the checkout.

Until next time, may good luck and good energy be with you…

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