What Are The Den Tights For Each Season?

seasonal tight dens

Dressing according to the season is an indispensable element of being stylish. Even the colors used to be different for winter/summer. I don’t know if it’s because the seasons have blended together or because people are breaking the mold, some of the rules have lost their validity. But the choice of den tights according to the season is always up to date. So what is the den which tights should be preferred according to the season?

Let’s take a brief look together.

DEN (French for denier) is used to indicate the thickness of the material. Apart from tights, this unit of measurement is nowadays only used for motorcycle clothing or horse blankets. Generally speaking, the lower the DEN size, the thinner the tights. Since our topic is the choice of denim in tights according to the season, it is enough to know which den size looks like.

Den numbers and images on tights

8 – 10 Den Tights: The perfect choice for summer

In general, it is almost impossible to find ultra-thin tights from 5 den, except for very luxury brands. Usually, summer tights are between 8 and 10 den. These tights, which are almost invisible because they are so thin, are of course impossible to wear in any season other than summer. Actually, these are like foundations in a sense. It also prevents the legs from rubbing against each other. But if you are outdoors and in the sun, I recommend applying a sunscreen cream before wearing it. It is also a good idea to wear gloves when wearing them, as they are torn very quickly. Since they only last for a maximum of 3 wears anyway, it is wise to have a spare one on hand.

coraplarda den yazlik

12 – 20 Den Tights: For Spring & Summer

For the spring and summer season, the den thickness in tights is usually between 12 -20. Tights in this scale are also barely visible and make the legs look flawless. But remember, especially the nude colored ones are transparent, so they do not cover tattoos and stains. A thickness of 20 Den is ideal for office use and if you use it carefully, you can wear it 4 or 5 times.

30 Denier Tights

Between sheer and matte, 30 denier tights are ideal for cool fall days. Nude ones make the skin look radiant, while black ones do not look too opaque. That’s why, the ideal thickness for stockings, both in the early spring and in the fall, is Den 30.

30 denye corap

40 – 50 Denier Tights: Semi-Opaque

As the weather starts to get colder, it is the 40-50 den, semi-opaque tights that start to come out of the drawers. Never use nude color in these semi-opaque tights where the knees are visible. You instantly look like a grandmother. However, black and colored stockings add youth and modernity to your look. You can easily combine them with stylish topcoats and shoes, and even enrich them with a scarf or hat.

coraplarda den yari opak

60 – 80 Denier Tights: Warm Opaques

From 60 DEN, tights are considered opaque. Made from micro fibers such as nylon, lycra and elastane, opaque tights are ideal for both everyday and office use. They are thick, so they do not tear easily and are durable. These tights, which also cover blemishes on the skin, are also available in many color options, so you can easily differentiate your combinations.

100 Denier and Above: Full Opaques

100 and above denier tights pair perfectly with both dresses and skirts. They are thick so your legs won’t get cold. But remember, 120 denim can look like hand knitting if it is not very good elastane. Of course, there are also thermal tights for cold winter days, which are indispensable, especially in cities with severe winters.

coraplarda den opak corap
Here I would like to make a reminder for conscious fashion. If you care about sustainability in clothing, preferably choose stockings with 40 DEN and above. Use them as carefully as you like, wash them by hand, but tights under 40 den are almost disposable. And these products are unfortunately ecologically harmful because they are not biodegradable. 

Meanwhile, the American company SHEERTEX started making tights that absolutely do not tear. It was even named one of TIME magazine’s best inventions of all time. Some of my female friends order from the States. It hasn’t come to Turkey yet, but I’m sure it will be available here soon.

Matte or Shiny? Which is better?

In recent years, many women prefer matte tights because they look natural. Especially the dark ones are very good at hiding small imperfections and making the legs look slimmer. Likewise, it is the most suitable choice for office wear as it does not draw attention to the legs.

On the other hand, if you want to draw attention to your legs, then shiny tights are the way to go. These tights, especially the nude ones, make your legs look smooth and accentuate curves and leg muscles. It is the perfect choice if you want to feel attractive. However, if you don’t want to overdo it and want to keep it simple, opt for satin-like stockings because they conceal and emphasize at the same time.

See you in my next style tips article.

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