Dress Codes For An Event – 7 Tips

dress codes for an event such as a party

In addition to painting and designing, my other field of work is image consultancy. I have been involved in various long-term projects both at home and abroad for many years. According to my observations, dress codes for an event are a topic that requires some consideration.

First of all, let me start with this RSVP. which entered the world literature as “Répondez s’il vous plait” in French, means “please respond”. The meaning is clear: please let me know if you are going where you have been invited. It’s impolite to confirm your attendance without first checking your schedule and then not attending the event. It is incredibly rude to prevent the invitee from inviting others. The same goes for restaurants. I think Switzerland has the strictest rules on this issue. A friend of mine told me, let’s say you made a reservation at a restaurant and you didn’t go. If it happens again, they will never book you again.

In fact, invitations give you perfect clues on the dress codes for an event, where, what day, theme, etc. When choosing an outfit, you need to consider the neighborhood, ambiance, decoration, customer portfolio, the concept of the event, and the characteristics of the host.

Of course, invitations are also conceptually divided into many branches within themselves.

Let’s look at the dress codes for each event and see where we can wear what.

Black Tie

The traditional wearing of black and dark colors is referred to as black tie, which makes reference to tuxedo or dark suit. However, the black obligation in terms of color has faded over time, particularly for women.

Dress codes for an event such as a wedding, long evening gowns made of luxurious fabrics enriched with lace, sequins and beads are the right choice.

what to wear to a chic event

For more casual occasions, a flashy bag or a designer shoe can help you stand out. Long gowns, on the other hand, are disliked by some women. A well-tailored trouser jacket suit in a good fabric will suffice in this case. Please refrain from wearing midi-length skirts to these events!

White Tie

It is the most flamboyantly dressed event concept such as a red carpet event or an international ball. Long dresses for women are compulsory for this type of event. Opt for simple and elegant designs adorned with beads and special appliqués. If possible, wear tailor-made dresses, or accessorize your ready-to-wear outfit with accessories. For such ultra-luxurious nights, make sure your hair and make-up are glamorous.

Dress Codes For Formal Events

The dress codes for a formal event can be perplexing. Suit or two pieces? Will the women wear long gowns or something more casual? The important thing here is to look sophisticated.

I usually attend invitations with my blazers, but I enrich them with such an accessory that they become the center of attention and are called stylish.

emre erturk and ozlem kaymaz at the invitation

Hugo Boss, Network and Armani are my favorite brands for blazers. I combine these jackets with different design pieces and create a brand new unique outfit.

Dress Codes For Cocktail Parties

This concept provides more options. You have the choice to wear short dresses or long dresses, maxi dresses, suits, or two-piece outfits. For instance, it is possible to combine a mini dress with a flashy shoe or differentiate a blazer and trouser suit with striking ties.

Business Events

For professional events such as work-related invitations and business dinners, two-piece suits for women are ideal. Instead of eye-catching colors, it is wise to prefer a combination of two colors. After all, since this is an out-of-office event, plain black, navy blue, etc. would be too gloomy and ordinary. Maxi or midi lengths are ideal rather than long dresses. Accessories are very important. You need a stylish and modern-looking bag that’s not bulky. EMRE NEWYORK LUCKY BAG from my purse collection is the perfect model for this type of event.

Between Friends: Come As You Are

For me, the question of what to wear to a friend’s event is extremely perplexing. The where and when of the invitation I mentioned earlier is a lifesaver for me at this point. Choosing the right shirt for such events will save you a lot of trouble.

About four years ago, I came up with the idea for a shirt that isn’t slim fit but has a corset seam at the waist instead. These shirts were incredibly popular because they made non-sporty men and women look fit with a special seam at the waist. It is very difficult to find this style in ready-to-wear. They are usually produced in limited edition collections. You can easily attend such invitations by complementing a leather jacket over a shirt with stylish jeans.

emre erturk shirt worn to a formal event

Summer Invitations

How lucky that our country is a sea and sun paradise. As we are entering the winter months, we say goodbye to beautiful summer invitations. For such events, linen suits for men are an ideal choice, either in one color or two colors. I enrich such suits with a colorful loafer type shoe. Of course, I never forget my pocket handkerchief in the appropriate color. For women, long or short dresses, usually made of chiffon, are ideal. If the event is held in a big city, stiletto shoes or, on the contrary, elegant sandals are an appropriate choice. By the way, be careful, do not wear pointy heeled shoes, especially at events such as countryside weddings, if you are not sure about the venue. It’s really tiring for women to tiptoe on the grass all night.

The dress codes for an event are more or less clear. But there are a few things to keep in mind, no matter what happens.

Hair and make-up must match the concept of the event. Just like a more flamboyant hairstyle for a wedding, a more sporty chic model should be chosen for a professional event.

Likewise makeup. Especially nowadays, unfortunately, many women wear the same type of makeup for every event, which is very wrong. Makeup should be appropriate for both the venue and your type. For example, just because you are wearing blue, there is no need for your eyeshadow to be azure. Natural makeup is nice and all, but it can make you look dull at flashy events such as weddings.

There’s also the “I saw it in the store window, so I bought it” defense. I strongly oppose this idea because it appears to be extremely clumsy. Instead, you can create a brand new style by combining different pieces with appropriate colors. My blog article HOW TO COMBINE COLORS will be of great help to you in your choices

I hope that with my tips above, the dress codes for an event are crystal clear for you.

If you have tips and advice on this subject, let’s meet in the comments.

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