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Last week, my new bag collection 2023 THE NEW YORK SOCIAL DIARY has been launched with a private party. One of my favorite things in life is making people happy. Sometimes this is through the art therapy classes I give, sometimes through organizing events.

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Organizing events is actually one of my business lines and I have a lot of experience in this field. Designing creative collections of jewelry, home textiles, furniture, bags, art deco paintings, I have collaborated with great brands such as Tina Jewellery, Philippe Starck, Thanx Co, Polisan, The Avangard Hotel, Chavel NY and many more. In 2020, I remember how excited the guests were when they saw an opera singer on stage at a jewelry launch I organized at the Curio Collection by Hilton in a Byzantine cistern. It is in my DNA to give people an active creative role to fulfill the concept/theme of the launch event.

Just like the one I organized on December 15th I personally organize all the events for my Emre NewYork brand. I sense an event manager vibe in everyone these days. I guess it looks easy to some people, but it’s not at all like that. First of all, organizing an event is a matter of discipline and creativity. I see copy paste events every day. However, every invitation or event should be organized with a special creativity so that it sticks in the mind. Events with details that arouse people’s curiosity and make them spend time with pleasure, in other words make them happy, immediately attract attention. For example, for my last event, I made special masks. I painted each one by hand. The guests took souvenir photos with their friends with these masks that added energy to the atmosphere of the event.


When organizing events, I choose guests between the ages of 25 and 75 to be compatible with each other. The young guests, especially with their high energy, take the whole atmosphere out of the ordinary and elevate it to another dimension. Invitees from other generations are also affected by this burst of energy and feel happier.

Our last event, organized with my esteemed partner Dalya Suleiman, proved once again how high the interest of the guests and the press is in a successful event.


One of these creative details is Emre NewYork & Taranto Family Edition wines from Yazgan Winery at the launch I organized at the recently opened Frontière in Bebek.

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A variety of delicious appetizers are served Frontière‘s owner Sarah Haderi and her team’s excellent service and the taste of the food left everyone speechless.

Dear friend Neslihan Sadikoglu‘s floral bouquets designed in accordance with the concept of the launch, instantly raised the beautiful energy of the event.

My luxury scented candles named Emre NewYork Black Orchid Legends, which I produced in limited numbers for this special event, attracted great interest from the guests.


The launch, where both flowers and wines were presented to the guests, also hosted many famous faces.

Food and music choices are also part of my job. My most important criteria is that the environment should be elegant but at the same time warm. Usually such events last for 2 hours, whereas Emre NewYork The Social Diary Collection launch started as four hours and lasted until late at night. Because the guests enjoyed themselves, felt comfortable and had a good time with their friends.

Together with my business partner Dalia Suleiman, I would like to thank once more Taranto family from Yazgan Winery, and Mrs. Figen Adıgüzel Mays from ADCO for their precious support.


To summarize, here are the points I pay attention to in order to organize a successful event:

  • Location I choose my venue so that it is easy for my guests to reach. Places where they can sit and chat comfortably, where there is valet or parking are always my favorite.
  • Menu selection: I choose a menu that suits both the concept and the taste of the guests.
  • Ambiance: I plan my music selection in advance for my events that I enrich with creative details. I make sure that my invitation venue and environment reflect the atmosphere of my event.
  • Service: During the event, the comfort of my guests is a priority for me. I plan details in advance, such as a good and fast service, professional photo and video shoots. Due to my close relations with my fellow members of the press, I spare special time for them and make sure to answer their questions down to the last detail.

See you at my concept events that I will organize in 2023

With love,

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