The Great Eighties & The Unforgettable Nineties

eighties and nineties

Maybe the Eighties Nineties fashion may be reflected in today’s styles with timeless pieces to a small extent for now, but there is great interest in its entertainment, music and quality ambiance.

The Eighties TV show which broke viewing records on TRT years ago and whose reruns still get high ratings today, is an indicator of this. Unbelievable but true, many people around me still follow this show. The interest is so great that new episodes are being filmed and broadcast.

I don’t know if friendships were better, relationships were warmer, families were more close-knit back then, but one thing I do know for sure is that the Eighties in particular influences today’s fashion, music and even lifestyle.

I often see people of all generations (especially between the ages of 20-35) start a nice conversation when the music from the Eighties and Nineties comes on, saying what a quality song, and even start dancing.

What was the difference of the Eighties and the Nineties?

At that time, the padding was fat, but the quality was there. The hair was fluffy but the energy was high. If only those years could speak. Bags, which are actually our closest confidants that carry our entire lives, are one of the most visible legacies from that period to this era. You can’t just say “bag” and leave it at that. For example, I think the free bags of that period explain very well how dynamic and practical those times were. Today, Free Bags, which are still indispensable for women and even men for practical use with their revised styles, are included in the collections of many brands such as Emre NewYork.

The Eighties and Nineties were also very bold with color. Do you remember? Yellow t-shirts over pink leggings, bandanas in hair, denim jackets with sequins on the back and so on…

multicolored eighties fashion

Maybe the patterns and cups have changed, but those touches of the Eighties and Nineties are like a beacon guiding today’s fashion.

Is the Eighties Energy Coming Back?

Recently, I received an invitation from my old friend Ömer Seval for his Eighties concept party. My dear friend, Shalom columnist and businessman Joel Pinto and I immediately decided that we had to go to this party.

When Omer said that the costume was mandatory and that everyone should take care, of course I couldn’t refuse his request. Not only to listen to Eighties music and have a good time with our friends, but also to honor the host of the party; I became a rock star with my blonde wig, leather jacket and cut gloves, while Joel became a Hollywood celebrity with his Eighties style outfit.

We met our dear friend Sibel Çataklı, who preferred the Madonna costume, in Nişantaşı and made a quick entrance to Ömer’s place. At the party, there were guests with costumes reflecting the fashion of the Eighties, as well as those who watched us with pleasure and promised that next time they would definitely come in accordance with the party costume concept.

Emre Erturk Sibel Çataklı Joel Pinto at the eighties-themed party
Joel Pinto, Emre Erturk and Sibel Çataklı

The aim of costume-themed parties is not to look attractive or to think about who will say what, but to really reflect that spirit. I wore a wig for the first time in my life and followed the hair fashion of the time, but it was very well received.

Of course, no matter which period the costume parties belong to, if you have style, you can also be innovative by combining it with some pieces from this period. For example, my modern leather jacket in today’s rockstar style balanced my costume with a wig and leather gloves. It has created a beautiful balance of style that is innovative, that is, also suitable for today.

Even though it was an 80s costume party, I inevitably scanned the bags of all the women who came. Unfortunately, apart from Joel, I haven’t seen anyone else who has studied 80s bag styles well. However, they could have solved it with a free bag that has survived to the present day.

Thanks to Ömer and all the guests who worked hard and strengthened the party spirit.

The Nineties Era

A week after the Eighties party, I found myself at a birthday party with lots of scenes and Nineties energy.

At Nişantaşı Müdana, Semih Bilgiç’s 35th birthday and the launch of his new song “Kasabanın” met on the same stage. Dear Semih received full marks from his guests with his kind and positive energy. Müdana is a very pleasant place. On some days, they organize live performances like Semih, and on other days they organize thematic nights with music from the eighties and nineties. And their Instagram account here I add. Maybe you’d like to drop by.

Semih Bilgiç and Nineties Songs
Semih Bilgiç / Nişantaşı Müdana

Since it was dim inside, I couldn’t check too many women’s bags:)) As far as I could see in the place where humorous stage shows took place, I remember saying to a few women passing by me which model bag would look better with their outfit. One of the things I remember is that a guest came with a huge shoulder bag. Maybe she came straight from work, but it seemed a bit inappropriate for a night out.

The smaller the bag in the evening, the better. Bags big enough to hold ID, phone, a small wallet and a few makeup items look more stylish. For example, Emre NewYork Timeless collection LUCKY FLAP is the one what I’m talking about. By the way, I have a little advice for you dear women. Always carry one of the bag straps designed for hanging your bag easily, especially when going out at night. Especially bags on the table spoil the view and there is a possibility of spilling something on it.

At the night I spent with my dear friends, I did not neglect to take a souvenir pose with Ebru Üzüm, the owner of Havin in Nişantaşı, and our friends.

seksenler doksanlar 2

With love,

Emre Ertürk 300 × 300 px 1

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