How to Combine Ankle Boots?

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Boots are undoubtedly a must-have for women. Long or ankle boots are indispensable for every woman in winter, both in terms of use and aesthetics. It’s also very easy to put on and take off. However, it is debatable whether boots go with every outfit. Instead of adding elegance to your style, a wrongly combined pair of boots can ruin your entire stance. Since it ends at the ankle, there are some sensitive points to pay attention to in this model. With the right pairings, it is not difficult to be stylish in different areas from casual elegance to office wear.

Things to Consider When Choosing Boots

Although ankle boots go well with a wide variety of outfits, there are some things to consider for a perfect look. Especially the heel, height and style should match your outfit.

Although ankle boots under sweatpants have been in fashion lately, as a designer, they are incredibly scratchy to me.

For a sleek and elegant look, a thin high-heeled boot looks great, while if you want a sporty aesthetic, then flat heels will do the trick.

How to Combine Ankle Boots with Trousers?

I think denim pants and ankle boots are the best pairing. Especially prefer skinny models or models that narrow at the cuffs. Also, short hems make you look taller. You can combine a stylish ankle boots, a button-down shirt, a leather jacket, a matching belt, tight denim pants and any model of bag you like. My preference is that you can use it cross-body like LUCKY FLAP bag. Don’t forget to choose a one in a different color than your boots. For more information on choosing the right bag for your body CLICK HERE.

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Let’s talk about fabric pants

For a few years now, culottes, short baggy pants, have been in fashion. They are usually paired with sneakers. In fact, this is a bit risky if you are not over 1.70 cm because it can make you look both shorter and fatter than you are. But the same is not true for bots. Since the pants are short, you need to pair them with a good quality boot. You can match it perfectly with any style of boots, be it heeled or flat.

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However it’s a bit different with fabric pants. High-heeled ankle boots that you wear especially under wide-leg pants add elegance to your style. If your height allows, you can also choose a flat heel.

The hem model is very important for classic trousers. Your cuff should not be too narrow and the point where it meets the boot should not be potted.

How to Combine Ankle Boots with Skirts and Dresses?

There are 2 important points to pay attention to here: The thickness of your legs and the length of your skirt.

Let’s say you have thick legs, maybe. Every beauty has a flaw. The trick is to keep this flaw out of sight. In this case, all you need are ankle boots to wear under a long skirt (whether it’s tight or loose). Sock color is also very important. If you wear flesh-colored socks, beware, they can make the visible part of your legs look thicker.

The slimmer your legs are, the more you can shorten the length of your skirt.

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If you don’t have thick legs, then it’s okay to combine it with a midi length skirt or dress. You can even look very trendy with a stylish sock that you will wear inside.

As a designer, I prefer long skirts or mini skirts for skirt/dress and boots pairing. Midi length can make you look a little short, unless you are very thin. Be careful.

Office Outfits and Ankle Boots Combination

If you like the trouser jacket style at work, ankle boots made of good quality leather are for you. A pair of tailored trousers, a fitted shirt and a long blazer make the perfect look. Choose shoes rather than boots with dresses and skirt suits.

Ankle Boots without Heel

Ideal for a more casual and daily elegance, you can easily combine this model with long dresses and tight jeans. To look more stylish in this model, I recommend you to choose a boot with staples or patterns rather than a plain style.

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Especially stapled boots are perfect for both a sporty and stylized look. Since ankle boots with staples or buckles that you will wear under a pair of black skinny jeans will immediately draw attention to that foot, do not forget to make sure that the boots you choose are of good quality and clean.

My style tips will continue with over knee boots….. Stay tuned

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