How to Combine Over the Knee Boots?

over the knee boots

In my last article, I shared with you ANKLE BOOTS I shared some styling tips about you. In this article, I wanted to write some style suggestions about over the knee boots, which have been incredibly fashionable in recent years. While they keep warm in the cold winter months, they are also very stylish and versatile. These pieces can be worn in various environments with different outfits but to combine them correctly, some important details should not be overlooked.

First, let’s start with comfort and health. Wear sock or, better still, a sock that ends below the knee, inside your over the knee boots. Since your feet will stay in them for a long time, the socks prevent odor and protect your feet from the cold. In any case, you can wear your stockings under them.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Over The Knee Boots?

The mold is very important. With the exception of some loose or gathered designs, over the knee boots are designed to sit on the calves. But they are never so tight that they are uncomfortable or cause your legs to swell. In particular, the zipper should easily go all the way to the top.

These boots immediately draw attention to the foot and leg with their assertive appearance. For this reason, I advise women with thick calves to stay away from this model or to choose models that stand upright instead of models that stick to the calf.

diz ustu cizmeler suet

Are Knee-High Boots the Right Choice at Work?

I strongly discourage over the knee boots at work. Especially high heels do not go well with business attire, as they look too elegant and feminine. If you really want, you can wear a low-heeled one under a simple classic dress, but it is better to wear this style with knee-high boots.

Who doesn’t love the comfort and practicality of a flat sole? Fortunately for today’s busy women, over the knee boots are as fashionable in flats as they are in heels. These models are certainly more comfortable than heels, but they still affect the mood of the outfit. Styles with very low heels and ending just above the knee add an equestrian feel to outfits, while over-the-knee boots with higher and slightly lower heels give a 70s feel.

Over-the-knee flat boots are a great choice for those with long legs. But if you’re petite, choose a pair that ends just above the knee to maximize your calf length and make you look taller. If you are already tall, all the models are ok for you. Choose shorter lengths for more casual and sporty elegance or longer styles for a more glamorous look.

Lace-up Over the Knee Boots

Let’s say you are very assertive and want to attract attention, then lace-up over the knee boots are for you. Pair this model, which is especially suitable for evening wear, with a simple dress. For example, you can achieve a perfect harmony with a black tight-fitting dress and appropriate accessories.

On the other hand, models with closed toes and tight laces will have less impact than those that show more skin. As for comfort, over-the-knee boots that end at mid-thigh are more attractive, but they are much more difficult to walk in because there is little room for the knee to bend. Therefore, if you want both aesthetics and comfort, my suggestion is to choose a model that ends at the knee.

lace-up green over-the-knee boots

Color and Material Selection

Black is a great alternative as it looks slim and can be paired with everything. Leather is, of course, our favorite material for durability. However, the range of colors in suede leather over the knee boots is quite wide. For a modern and stylish look, suede over the knee boots in tan, beige and especially gray are the perfect choice. Because they add warmth and softness to your outfit.

diz ustu cizmeler nasil kombinlenir 2

You can either match these colors with an outfit in the same color or use them in a different combination with shades that match these colors. If you prefer the same color outfit then you need to choose your outfits one or two shades lighter/darker so that you don’t look drowned in one tone.

Over the Knee Boots and Casual Outfit Combination Examples

If you want to wear over-the-knee boots for a sporty chic look, then I have a few suggestions for you.

OUR RULE FOR EVERYDAY SPORTY CHIC: the shorter the skirt, the lower and/or thicker the heel

Over the Knee Boots with Skirts

  • Matching combinations mini, pencil and midi skirts, black opaque socks, black tights
  • Mismatched combinations: leather skirts, fishnet stockings

Over the Knee Boots with Jean Pants

Jeans should be skinny fit. They can be any of the ripped, patched or plain models. The important thing here is that it fits tightly to the body. You can also combine it with tights.

  • Matching combinations: All skinny jeans, leggings and shorts
  • Mismatched combinations Any loose, wide and flowy pants style
over the knee boots and jean pants combo

Over the Knee Boots with Dresses

You can combine them with mini dresses or A-line dresses that flare slightly downwards. If you like boho style, I recommend you to choose a flat heel.

  • Matching combinations: knit dresses, mini dresses, a-line dresses, boho dresses
  • Mismatched combinations: bodycon dresses, dresses with deep necklines
diz ustu cizmeler nasil kombinlenir 3

Over the Knee Boots with Tops

If you prefer shorts, mini skirts or dresses, you should always choose something comfortable or classic and avoid showing cleavage. Long sleeves also reduce the sexiness of over-the-knee boots. The combination of narrow and wide is especially cool. For example: over-the-knee boots, skinny jeans and oversized sweaters create the perfect casual look.

  • Matching combinations: oversized everything, chunky sweaters, long cardigans, knitwear, maxi vests, fur vests, casual shirts, turtlenecks, blazers
  • Mismatched combinations: v-neck blouses, crop tops, tops with thin straps

Bag Pairings with Over the Knee Boots

For both day and night, the most trendy model which goes perfectly with over-the-knee boots is of course what we call the flap bag like Emré NewYork LUCKY BAG model. You can wear them cross-over with low-heeled boots for a casual chic look or with high heels for a more sophisticated look in the evening.

diz ustu cizmeler nasil kombinlenir 7

Another suggestion, especially for low-heeled models, is what we call the hobo style, which hangs on the shoulder like Emré NewYork TOKEN TOTE. I especially recommend combining this model with low heels.

As I always say, it is very important to pay attention to details and know your own body for a flawless elegance. With these style tips, you can achieve the style you desire…

With love,

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