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pet friendly hotels in Bodrum

I’m writing this article right here in Bodrum. Although there are many hotels, resorts, etc, when it comes to pet-friendly Bodrum hotels, I’m sorry but not all of them are so friendly. For some of them “only in the room” for some others “definitely not at the restaurant” or “only at the beach.” Yes, they are right to some extent. Unlike in the West, people in this country do not typically keep dogs as companions. You may not even imagine how many big dudes get the willies at the sight of a dog the size of a hand.

As the designer of the world’s first luxury leather dog bag, I know the importance of traveling with pets. Like you, I do not like to leave my pawed friends, who are part of our family, behind. Those who already know my style know that I never compromise on quality. Since I’m here, I told my self: let me see which hotels accept pets.

First of all, I would like to share with you the criteria I meticulously consider when choosing pet-friendly Bodrum hotels.

Facts To Check Before Booking Your Hotel

Which areas are admitted in the hotel?

It is one of the most important criteria. Many facilities accept the dogs on a leash almost everywhere. What about the areas that I can take my dear friend inside of a pet carrier? If the hotel has no restrictions for a pet within a dog carrier, it means you are very lucky. Because, you’ll have your beloved friend with you throughout your stay thanks to airline-approved Emre NewYork Pet Carrier.

The most important feature of all the dog bags I design is that they are like a hotel for your furry friends. So in your room, your dog can stay in this special bag and accompany you everywhere in the hotel. Inside the bag is a mattress made of special foam.

Our furry friends deserve a comfortable, safe and healthy vacation. I remember very well, many years ago in US, many world-famous people with their Emre NewYork dog bags easily entered many public areas such as churches, shopping malls, hotels. The reason for this freedom, as I mentioned above, is that all my dog bags are a kind of home: comfortable, healthy, sturdy and aesthetic.

Just click to get this beautiful collection that I designed with your pet’s comfort and health in mind.

Is Your Room on a High Floor?

While some of our pets sit quietly at home, unfortunately their wandering spirit comes out when they travel. Their main mission becomes to escape through the first hole they see. As a result, pet-friendly hotels should beef up their window and balcony security measures.

Does Your Room Open to the Garden?

An important point is the garden floor rooms. Cats and dogs, when they see another four legged friend, they get crazy. Personally, I never prefer the garden floor, especially in boutique hotels.

What Is The Accepted Size?

This is very crucial question. When you visit a hotel’s website, do not make a reservation immediately if you see a pet-friendly label. Because some hotels don’t allow big dogs at all. It is usually written in a tiny line on the hotel’s website. When making travel plans with pets, contact the hotel before booking.

Is Your Pet a Kitty?

For some reason, some hotels accept dogs but are very wary of cats. Keep in mind that not all hotels accept cats.

What are the Fees for Pet Accommodation?

Pet-friendly Bodrum hotels follow different pricing policies. Some charge a daily fee, others only ask for a one-time payment. In all the hotels in my article, where our furry friends stay, these payments are perfectly understandable, as a special cleaning is carried out in the rooms after check-out.

Is a Deposit Required?

Let me tell you the truth. Sometimes, our dear friends cross the line too much. The charm of armchairs, beds, carpets is unquestionable. The deposit conditions of the hotels are also one of the criteria to be checked against such minor damages. However, you’ll never have this damage problem if you have Emre NewYork pet carrier. Because your dog stays in this bag, which he / she adopts as home, and enjoys his vacation without any disturbance.

How Many Pets Are Allowed?

Some hotels accept 1 pet per room, while in others this number varies. Therefore, if you are traveling with more than one pet, be sure to check the number of pets accepted per room.

Are There Special Areas for Pets?

Some hotels have private areas within their facilities. Some of them are so beautifully located that you can take your dog for a walk in the nature and exercise at the same time.

What About Emergencies?

Many hotels have contracted veterinarians. But remember, this is Bodrum and in summer it is overcrowded. It may be quiet difficult to find a veterinary. In case of emergencies, it is very important how your accommodation supports you. However, be sure to save the phone number of a 24-hour veterinarian close to your hotel. You don’t know what to do in a panic.

After these facts that everyone traveling with pets should pay attention to, next up are the pet-friendly hotels in Bodrum.

Dog Friendly Hotels In Bodrum

Opened 4 years ago, The Bodrum Edition Hotel ranks among the top animal-friendly hotels. Pets up to 6 kg are welcome at the hotel and dogs are allowed everywhere except the beach.

evcil hayvan dostu bodrum otelleri yalikavak edition hotel

Another hotel recommendation in Yalikavak is Allium Bodrum Resort & Spa. It accepts multiple cats and dogs up to a total weight of 20 kg and charges each one separately.

evcil hayvan dostu bodrum otelleri yalikavak allium

No 81 is my choice as a pet-friendly Bodrum hotel in Turkbuku, one of the most lively spots of the Bodrum area. There are no major restrictions for dogs at No 81, which I would describe more as a luxury boutique hotel. Up to 5 kg of furry friends are accepted and the daily accommodation cost of 20 Euros includes a dog bed, the food & water bowl in the room.

Pet Friendly Hotel No 81 Turkbuku Bodrum

Kempinski Barbaros Bay, located in Yalı district is another luxury pet-friendly resort. They accept 2 pets per room up to 8 Kg, charging each of them separately and daily. (after all, they are individuals too. Right?) However, the pet allowed areas are very limited. Only 1 beach and 1 restaurant are allowed.

Kempinski Barbaros Bay Bodrum Pet Friendly Hotel

Another recommendation is Susona Bodrum LXR in Torba. One of the newest properties of the Hilton group, founded by the family of the lovely Paris Hilton, whose wardrobe includes several Emre NewYork bags. For the whole stay in this hotel you only pay 100 Usd at the entrance. Your pet is also allowed in all areas.

evcil hayvan dostu bodrum otelleri torba susona

My last advices is dear Ardic Gursel’s hotel, The Marmara Bodrum, a Bodrum classic. The Marmara Bodrum, the indispensable address of my evening cocktails with its magnificent view, is among my favorite pet friendly hotels. The owners are also serious animal lovers and charge 27 euros a day for dogs. Pets are accepted everywhere except the restaurant and pool areas.

evcil hayvan dostu bodrum otelleri bodrum merkez the marmara

I have personally experienced all of these hotels. Sometimes I stayed, sometimes I attended an event, sometimes I spent quality time with my friends. With my designer spirit, I did not overlook even the tiniest details. For a pleasant vacation with your pet in comfort, always have your Emre NewYork pet carrier with you. These pet bags in 4 different colors to suit your style are available at my online shop

By the way, I would like to address all hotel managers here. In order to be among the pet friendly Bodrum hotels and to provide services in international western standards, you need to clearly state the policies that your hotels apply to pets on your websites. I have received negative comments from many of my foreign friends. This kind of small but important detail doesn’t fit with the 5 star luxury resorts in Bodrum.

Knowledge flourishes when it’s shared, isn’t it? What are your recommended pet-friendly hotels or restaurants in Bodrum? Maybe the ones that you’ll say ‘oh, never again!’. See you in the comments…

Stay with love and happiness…

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