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The fourth of October annually marks World Animal Protection Day. There will be plenty of activities, best-dog competitions, social media posts featuring countless dogs with their necks twisted, etc. Or are you assuming that I, too, will write a generic piece? I’m sorry, but I refuse to forego writing such an ordinary post. The stray animals that we ignore are the focus of my blog in honor of World Animal Protection Day.

Emre Ertürk and Animal Love

My main profession while studying at the university in US was painting, but my foray into the world of design began with luxury pet bags. So dogs hold a special place in my heart. Whether they are domestic or stray animals, I consider how I can add value to their lives in everything I do and every step I take. So far, I have donated paintings and bags to many social responsibility projects for street animals, as well as participated in events. One is led by the dear Omur Gedik ENY-HACIKO organization.

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Challenges Faced by Stray Animals

Cats and dogs on the streets are a nuisance for some in our country, but for others they are our dear friends with whom we share life. However, the difficulties faced by stray animals are so great that we all need to take a hand in the matter.

Let me make a parenthesis here. Don’t tell me ‘why stray animals when there are so many hungry people‘, I will be offensive!

Why? Because people are not the priority. Because everything lives in the ecological system. Together we are paying the bill for the lie that everything should be for the people. Humans, animals, plants, we are one. Ignoring one part of the whole is actually the greatest evil we do to ourselves.

Are We Aware of the Facts?

Sadly, a disturbing subset of our population annually calls for the euthanization of strays and even actively encourages it. As unfortunate as it may be, those who own so-called “forbidden breeds” are indirectly supporting this idea. As a result of the fear caused by their dogs, dog owners unintentionally contribute to the spread of hate. All dogs, including stray animals, are thought to be extremely hostile and dangerous.

What I don’t understand is: why would anyone want a ‘forbidden breed’ dog that is proven to be dangerous? Why is he obsessed with a breed that can cause death? Are there no dogs left in the country? Is having a dog of a dangerous breed a sign of status? What ridiculous, unscrupulous and self-centered behavior! I just don’t get it. Leave a comment if you get it, and we can all learn something new together.

There is another group of people I do not consider to be human. Animal tormentors! So many people poisoning cats because a cat got into their car, driving into animals on purpose, hitting them, leaving them there, and driving away? Of course, their difficulties do not end there. There’s also an incident I can’t bring myself to write about, so I won’t. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying.

The excessively fastidious ones are a different kind. Those who take offense at the water and food bowls in the corners, and those who kick animal nests. Those who live on the garden floor and have a nervous breakdown because there is a cat in the garden. We must take a moment to reflect. What were your intentions when you purchased the garden floor? Poor thing has no idea that the cat she/ he despises instantly catches all kinds of mice, scorpions, and other creatures that are about to enter his beloved house.

By the way, a reminder! Animals are not toys. No, “our little girl asked for a dog, let’s buy her a gift” (and then let’s throw her out the door when she gets bored!) If you want it so much, go buy a plush toy, a tablet, or something else, but don’t victimize a poor animal just because your little princess / prince will be happy for two days! We have all witnessed it, especially during the pandemic period. When the period of illness was over, the puppies were thrown out on the street like a dirty handkerchief.

Love Alone Does Not Fill The Belly!

Various corporations frequently appear as sponsors on World Animal Day. Even though food prices are too high for people who feed their pets at home, let alone strays, there is nothing we can do about it. Still, we should express our gratitude. These companies, which are not only concerned with making money but also with addressing societal issues, play an important role in raising awareness.

When we think of animal lovers, we all picture them handing out food on the streets. There is, however, another side to the story. There are two types of animal enthusiasts. The first group is conscientious, who understand that our four-legged friends on the street are not garbage cans. Then there’s the other side. Those who throw whatever leftover, spoiled food they have at home in front of stray animals in an attempt to relief their conscience.

I’m tired of seeing moldy bread and rotten food on the streets and in parks. Dogs and cats do not eat carrion, and they require proper nutrition as well. Excuse me, but it’s not a luxury; it’s nature’s balance

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Where To Feed Stray Animals?

There is one more important fact to consider here. Is it possible to feed stray animals everywhere? The answer is emphatically NO! Stopping the car on the side of the highway and feeding the animals may appear innocent at first glance. That is not the case! Animals that are fed on the side of the road become accustomed to it, and when they become hungry, they throw themselves onto the highway. How would the animal be aware that cars are passing by? Then we’ll watch the agonizing death of a stray dog on TV and social media.

Is Just Feeding Enough?

Giving food to stray animals is an excellent example of human behavior. So far, so good, but there’s more to the story. Unfortunately, well-fed stray animals reproduce at an alarming rate.

Sustained Sterilization

Immediate action is needed to tackle the overpopulation that is reducing the quality of life of our friends on the streets, whether cats or dogs. In the meantime, please let’s put aside the “one-time mom” narrative. All veterinarians agree that it is not necessary for cats and dogs to give birth. So let’s get over this ridiculous agitation for compassion. (Those who do not provide financial / moral support for sterilization should also keep their voices quiet)

Let’s not forget that stray animals that breed uncontrolled end up either dead or, if they are lucky, in shelters. However, shelters are not a solution either. The animals are kept in cages. Costs are incredibly high. Most of the municipalities do not have enough funds or do not pay as much attention as they should.

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It’s not just about the streets. Keeping these animals in cages is also a sin. Let me underline it again. Adopting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one is the perfect solution for those who want to adopt a pet. For more information about adopting a pet from a shelter CLICK HERE .

Stray animal care, including feeding and sterilization, cannot be solved by individual initiative alone. It is crucial to have the backing of city and county governments. Treatment and care facilities should be provided by the district in every municipality. The public should put pressure on the cities that don’t offer this assistance by demanding it and even considering it when casting ballots.

Stray Animals Waiting for Help

When stray animals, whose numbers are increasing by the day, can be kept to a manageable population, we will have a real chance to coexist with them. Don’t you think that in today’s digital world, where we are becoming lonelier each day, getting away from our emotions and getting lost in an unreal realm, whether domestic or stray animals, remind us of the values and love we have forgotten?

We, the Emre NewYork team, have decided to continue our World Dog Day campaign. Between October 4th and November 4th, 2022, we will donate 2 kg of dry food to shelters via Haciko and Sanal Mama for every pet carrier purchased at EMRE NEWYORK. Naturally, we will send you a receipt for the contribution made in your name

Emre Newyork will always continue to support our four-legged companions through our understanding of sustainable and conscious fashion.

See you in my next article and stay with love and happiness.

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