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I have heard from many of my female friends how difficult it is to find the correct office cloths for work. The office dress code varies slightly according to company policy, but some general rules are the same everywhere. With the right pairings, it is possible to achieve very stylish combinations even with a small number of pieces.

There is so much variety in the shop windows that it is easy to get confused. Finding the perfect balance between professionalism and style can be difficult. In this article, I wanted to share a guide that includes tricks such as how stylish but appropriate office outfits should be, which accessories to choose, and my combination recommendations.

What is Office Outfit?

For many offices and corporate events, it is business attire defined by a formal dress code. It refers to a professional style of clothing that looks smart and sophisticated. For men, a suit is usually required. Women are obviously luckier. Because they can interpret work clothes in various ways. Although suits with pants and skirts are ideal, stylish complementary pieces and dresses can also be on your office outfit shopping list.

Office Cloths are divided into two main categories in terms of style: casual and formal workwear. These two are quite different. Therefore, it is very important to know which one to choose for which environment and how to choose it appropriately. Business casual is a slightly relaxed style of office wear. In recent years, in many organizations, including very large companies, this style of office wear is very common as ‘Friday Chic’. However, formal business attire is more sophisticated than casual business attire and is usually worn every day of the week as well as in specific professional situations such as client meetings and presentations.

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Regardless of the style, whether casual or formal, it is very important that you feel comfortable in these clothes, as you will be wearing them all day. For this reason, I think pants are a better choice, as they are easier to move and fit than dresses and skirts, which usually fit your body. Whatever the case, don’t choose work clothes that make you uncomfortable just because they are too beautiful or the occasion demands it. Because in a professional environment, it is not appropriate to tug on clothes and constantly try to fix them.

Choosing Office Outfits for Job Interviews

We all know that first impressions are very important and valuable in job interviews. In order to present yourself in the best possible light by making a great impression, first of all, be a little conservative. A white shirt, a slim-fitting navy blue suit, high heels and minimal but proportionate jewelry are the right choice. As a bag, choose medium-sized structured models that do not attract too much attention. Remember, the star piece here is you, not office clothes, jewelry, etc. You need to be the center of attention, your outfit is just a complementary element.

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Which Office Clothes to Choose for Formal Events?

Typically, cocktail business attire is required for after-hours events. It is also useful to be cautious when choosing clothes for the event. A little more casual than casual or formal style, for example a dress with a sleek cut, flounced sleeves, a collar embellished with a stylish pin enhances your style. Complete your style with high-heeled shoes, small jewelry and a clutch bag in dark color like EMRE NEWYORK POWER CLUTCH. If you don’t like dresses, then opt for skirt jacket or pants jacket combinations, but don’t wear a collared shirt to get rid of the formal office vibe, choose a tight top instead. And don’t forget to bring a nice scarf for unexpected events.

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Office Outfits In Summer

Unlike other seasons, office attire in summer can be a real torture. I remember in my childhood, especially for women, thin tights were compulsory. I don’t know if they still exist in public offices, but I don’t think there is this kind of sanction in the private sector today. Of course, this still doesn’t mean that you can dress comfortably in the office in summer.

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Slim fabric pants, dresses and skirts are the key to achieving a sophisticated business look throughout the season. Although it is not mandatory to wear a blazer at the desk, you should keep it with you throughout the day for meetings. Unlined jackets made of thin fabrics such as linen will do the trick. The choice of shoes is important, do not prefer open-toed shoes in office environments. If absolutely necessary, choose a model with a tiny open nose. Models like sandals, flip-flops, etc. are out of the question, as we all know.

Office Outfits in Winter

To cope with the cold in winter, you just need to make small touches to your office attire. For example, you can replace the shirts you wear in spring with thick turtleneck sweaters that fit over the top. Instead of heels, stylish boots, a quality coat, suits made of thick fabric will suffice.

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Pants Selection

Straight leg, boot cut, cigarette hems are the most suitable styles for office wear. The important thing here is to choose the model and, of course, the size that best suits your body type. Your pants should never be too tight, and you should also avoid overly baggy styles. The cuff length is also a very important nuance. Make sure that it is the right size for the shoes you will wear with your outfit. In any case, do not hem or fold your pants, instead take them to a tailor and have the hem length corrected properly.

When it comes to colors, opt for neutral colors such as black, navy blue, grey, very dark burgundy.

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Skirt Selection

There are many points to consider when choosing a skirt. First the body. It certainly won’t be too tight. Pencil skirts are ideal models for office wear. For detailed information about pencil skirts CLICK HERE. If your body is not suitable for a pencil skirt, then opt for A-line models. Another point to consider when choosing a skirt to wear in the office is of course the length. Your skirt should end at or below your knee. Mini skirts are not very suitable for the office environment. Make sure that the slit of your skirt does not go too high. Likewise, the skirt should not be too tight so that you can sit or move comfortably.

Shirt Selection

I said pants, I said skirts, now it’s time for the perfect shirt for office outfits. Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is the classic collared front buttoned shirt models. A shirt that is well cut, made of quality fabric and ironed always makes a man or woman look professional. You can combine your shirt in light tones such as white, cream, beige with dark-colored suits. You can complement it with a stylish scarf around your neck or a thin necklace. Make sure that your shirt collar is neat. For cotton shirts, starched for your convenience. If you are not wearing a suit, choose a shirt in the same color (different from your jacket) as your chosen bottoms. This way you get a balanced contrast.

Dress Selection

The clothes you wear at work should fit your body but should not be too tight. The length is also very important. Dresses that end at the knees or just below are ideal for the office. You can choose a dress with short or long sleeves, but if you want to wear it sleeveless, you can wear it with a shirt or a thin sweater and a stylish blazer on top. If your dress has a slit, make sure that this slit is not deep.

Suites For Women

Whether it’s a trouser jacket or a skirt jacket combination, suits are always the ideal choice for those working in a formal environment. Make sure your suit is as simple as possible. In general, neutral colors such as black, navy blue and gray tones are ideal. I suggest you choose a plain fabric. You can wear medium or high heeled shoes under the suits that you will complete with a stylish shirt, depending on your preference. If you are not very tall, I recommend you to stay away from shoes without heels, as ballerinas. Wear heels instead, even if they are very tiny.

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Dear Friends

When choosing office outfits, decide whether it is casual or formal before planning your outfit. Suits, stylish shirts, well tailored dresses, skirts and trousers should not be missing from your wardrobe. It pays to be a little conservative with colors. Instead of opting for bright colors and attention-grabbing cuts, stick to neutral tones and classic cuts. Office clothes only look good and professional when they fit your body well. It is very important that they are well ironed. For accessories, avoid large eye-catching earrings and don’t wear a lot of jewelry at the same time. Stylize your office chic with a stylish slim watch on the wrist, a good quality structured bag, heels or boots, and my favorite pearl jewelry.

Pieces to avoid: jeans – tight clothes – sneakers – eye-catching accessories – clothes that are too colorful or patterned – open shoes – large formless bags – short skirts – deep slits

My 3 life-saving combinations of office outfits :

1- Black blazer + Gray classic cut trousers + Ice Blue Shirt: You can replace the black jacket with navy blue, the gray trousers with sand color, the ice blue shirt with dark gray, navy blue or ivory. Thus, you will get at least 8 different combinations

2- Ice Blue Classic Shirt + Navy Blue Wide Leg Trousers + Black Belt: You can replace the ice blue with ivory or nude pink, white; navy blue pants with beige or anthracite gray. You can complement it with a navy blue or black blazer.

3- High Waist Pencil Skirt + Shirt + Blazer: You can combine a pencil skirt in solid colors or herringbone pattern that suits your body with a fitted shirt in neutral colors such as gray, ivory, nude pink or black, tucked into the skirt. Top it off with a stylish blazer for a chic yet professional look.

See you in my next style suggestions article…

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