The Top 10 Art Fairs in the World

the most important art fairs in the world

Part 1

While I do enjoy the summer, September marks the beginning of a time when my life truly begins again after the hectic pace of the holidays. Everything from art shows to music festivals to theater productions to fashion weeks seems to pick up steam in September. With the upcoming opening of the Contemporary Istanbul modern art exhibition, I thought it would be a good time to share with you, in two parts, the top 10 art fairs in the world in the 2022-23 season. The fair isn’t the only cause, of course. Since we’re talking about art, I’ll also tell you about some art-themed hotels I think you’ll enjoy staying at on your way to or from the fairs.

Are you ready for a beautiful art journey? Let’s get started. Here are the top 5 art fairs

1- Art Basel / Switzerland

First on my list of the world’s top 10 art fairs is, of course, there is the world-famous ART BASEL. Don’t be fooled by the name and think that this fair is only held in Switzerland. It is also held annually in Miami, Paris and Hong Kong. This fair, scheduled for June 15-18, 2023, features the participation of over 200 galleries and over 4000 artists. Don’t miss this opportunity if you enjoy modern and contemporary art. There’s one more laudable facet to this. The VIP section of the Basel Art Fair includes a representative from Turkey. This shows that our country is also known as one of those that loves art.

Basel Art Fair

Although Basel is a small city, its airport provides access to both Switzerland and France. The hotels are excellent, and the town has the relaxed atmosphere one would expect from Switzerland. Don’t forget! A Swiss three-star hotel is the equivalent of a four-star hotel in most other countries.

In Basel, I highly recommend you Art House Basel. Just a leisurely 15-minute stroll will take you from this central hotel to the convention center. The decor is very warm and comforting. The rooms are large by Swiss standards, and that’s saying something!

Basel Design Hotel Art House Room

2- TEFAF / USA & Netherlands

Organized annually in New York and Maastricht by the European Fine Arts Foundation, the fair showcases the best in fine art, antiques and design. Counted among the top 10 art fairs in the world, TEFAF‘s New York fair is held every year in May. Focusing on contemporary and modern art, the next event will take place June 12 – 16, 2023 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.


One of my favorite hotels in New York, where I lived for many years, is of course Jacques Grange’s The Mark Hotel . The fairgrounds are within easy driving distance of this hotel on Madison Avenue. Izak Senbahar, a member of the Jewish community in Turkey, owns the hotel, and that’s another reason why I like it: dogs are welcome! In fact, you can purchase a fantastic pet accessory kit called a “woof woof pet kit” from the hotel’s online shop (called “Le Shop”).

In June, Maastricht hosts Tefaf, an art fair that showcases works from across the past 7,000 years. To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the fair’s inception, a diverse array of collections, from jewelry to ceramics to masterworks of art, will be on display.

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most visited countries despite its small size due to its natural beauty. Maastricht, a city of 120,000 people, may not be as well known as Amsterdam, but it does boast some very nice hotels. Kruisherenhotel , a former monastery from the 15th century that has been converted into a stylish boutique, is my top pick as the ideal lodgings for attending this art fair. It’s definitely worth it to check out the dining hall.

15th century monastery in Netherlands Maastricht Kruisheren Hotel

3- ARCOmadrid / Spain

Since its founding in 1982, ARCOMadrid is one of the top 10 art fairs in the world. From February 22-26, 2023, the art fair will feature the work of Central and South American, European, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian artists. The Mediterranean region is the primary focus for this year’s event. At the ARCOmadrid IFEMA event in Madrid, Spain, you can see the works of artists from many of the countries that border the Mediterranean.

ARCOMadrid is among the 10 most important art fairs in the world

I’m a painter and designer with a keen eye for aesthetics, so when I travel, I prefer to stay in unique “concept hotels.” Even though I know that chain hotels are more likely to be of a certain quality, etc., I still enjoy taking chances and seeing new places. The good news is that I can always trust my instincts. I know of a cool boutique hotel in Madrid called Urban Hotel that you should check out. You can take a cab or the subway to the fairgrounds from this centrally located boutique hotel in no time.

Concept luxury hotel Urban in Madrid

4- Masterpiece London Art Fair / England

The Masterpiece London Art Fair is another not-to-be-missed event for culture vultures. Since its inception in 2010, this annual summer event has featured the finest examples of art, jewelry, furniture, and design from antiquity to the present. There are a total of 27 review committees at the art fair, each charged with selecting the absolute best works for their respective categories. For the purpose of passing these abilities on to future generations, this committee also offers a mentoring program. Beginning this year at the Royal Hospital Chelsea on June 29 and running through July 5, 2023, the Masterpiece London art fair will host online events, podcasts, and panels all year long.

London Masterpiece fair is among the top 10 art fairs in the world

A trip to London is always a highlight of my travels. Large and small hotels alike crowd the landscape, making selection challenging. Whenever possible, I stay at a friend’s place, but hotels are more convenient when traveling for work. The Covent Garden located in Soho is one of my favorites. Kit Kemp, the hotel’s owner and manager, is also an accomplished interior designer. Moreover, the costs are manageable, especially in comparison to those of London.

Covent Hotel, a luxury design hotel in London

5- Paris Biennale

Despite its humble beginnings as an antiques fair in 1956, today La Biennale Paris is widely considered one of the world’s top art fairs. Let me clarify something. When people hear the word “biennial,” they often want to know what it means. The origin of the word is Latin. Held once every two years; the name comes from the Latin words for “two” (bienni) and “year” (annus). A common expression in the context of art exhibitions.

This iconic event, which has been held at the Grand and Petit Palais in Paris, will be held at the Carrousel du Louvre on November 9-13, 2022 under the name Paris Fine Arts and Biennale. (In 2023 and 2024 they will be back in their old venues) Works in 14 categories including antiquities, old masters, antique furniture, modern & contemporary art, carpets, ceramics, jewelry, African tribal arts, Asian Art, Islamic Art and books will meet art lovers.

Paris Biennale

Paris! The center of art, fashion, glamour. It’s great that this biennial is right in the center of the city. Because if you are not used to the subway, the traffic is a disgrace. Of course I have my little addresses in Paris. Le Marais, ostensibly the Jewish Quarter but in reality a vibrant contemporary arts district, is where I most enjoy spending time in Paris. The Hotel Duo in the 4th district is one of my top picks because of its convenient location and beautiful interior.

Hotel Duo concept boutique hotel in Paris Le Marais

Even though I love writing, I try to restrain myself a bit on my blog and keep my posts shorter. But art doesn’t, can’t, can’t be cut short or skipped!! So, I will end the first part of my article on the world’s top 10 art fairs here. The remaining 5 important modern art fairs are in my next article.

Stay with love and happiness

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