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pencil skirt from past to present

Every woman has a pencil skirt in her closet. If I ask you who is the father of the idea of this iconic model skirt, which is almost a lifesaver, who will come to your mind first?

Of course, Christian Dior, one of the geniuses of fashion. The two great wars Europe went through and the economic contraction in the following period also affected the clothes and simplified them considerably. After this unpleasant period of poverty and deprivation, women sought elegance and femininity in their choice of clothes. Thus, the New Look movement emerged, led by Christian Dior. If you ask where to see the best examples of the New Look trend CLICK HERE

Pencil Skirt from Past to Present

This trend, which was generous in the use of fabrics, drew attention with long, puffy or pencil skirts, rounded shoulder lines, emphasizing the thin waist line, skirt length below the knee or above the ankle and peplum detailed jackets with fitted chest. (Peplum is a part of jackets, skirts, blouses or dresses that is usually cut at the waist level and has a ruffled appearance).

dior new look kalem etek modasi

This time, however, women were tired of the New Look’s excessive fabric and fussy beauty. Christian Dior, the father of this trend, came to their rescue and the pencil skirt entered the fashion world with the H-Line collection in 1954. Emphasizing the waist as in the letter H, but representing a straight silhouette, the pencil skirt in this collection drew attention to the hips and the natural and beautiful curves of women, making it one of the indispensable pieces of women’s wardrobes to this day.

Hollywood loved this legendary model of Christian Dior. The pencil skirt, which looked luxurious and elegant on Grace Kelly, reflected sex appeal on Sophia Loren with strappy tops and tight jackets. While Audrey Hepburn showed simple elegance in black, Marilyn Monroe redefined aesthetics with a pencil skirt. This model is so popular because it emphasizes both leg length and a feminine silhouette.

marilyn monroe kalem etek

By the 2000s, the pencil skirt pioneered Kim Kardashian’s favorite piece, the bodycon (a one-piece dress that clings tightly to the body from the chest to the bottom edge of the body).

kim kardeshian bodycon elbise

How to Combine a Pencil Skirt?

This iconic piece is a bit difficult to use. Because it is narrow, it restricts movement and because it is too sexy, you have to be very careful when using it. Silk blouses, cashmere sweaters and striking stilettos are the best accompaniment to a classic pencil skirt. It’s easy to get the perfect look with a short jacket and a stylish bag. I like structured, hard shaped bags like Emré NewYork LUCKY FLAP BAG with pencil skirts.

Since the pencil skirt draws attention to the waist and hips, it is very important that the body is proportionate regardless of weight. Since the hips are narrow, especially those with belly problems should wear sweaters or tops that cover this area. Likewise, women with wide hips can successfully camouflage these imperfections if they keep the jacket length a little longer. Of course, if you like the extra wide hips and super thin waist that have become fashionable in recent years, then that’s fine.

Pencil Skirt Combinations Today

For today’s modern woman, it is possible to create countless combinations with classic or patterned pencil skirts.

If you choose a patterned pencil skirt for everyday elegance, you can combine it with a stylish raincoat or trench coat.

kalem etek modelleri

If you are one of those who say I like sparkle, I want my skirt with sequins; I suggest you choose your blouse, accessories and shoes simpler. You can even achieve trendy elegance with a simple t-shirt and stylish sneakers to match the color of your skirt.

Although sequins are impressive, I think there is no fabric that supports a feminine look like lace. Lace is an inherently detailed fabric. It is possible to combine a pencil skirt made of lace in different ways. Although it is sometimes combined with lace blouses, I prefer a simple silk shirt or a quality cashmere sweater that hugs the body. But in any case, as shoes, of course, stilettos.

payetli kalem etek

I recommend wearing a pencil skirt, which is one of the most preferred garments in corporate life, at the level of the kneecap or covering the knees. You can wear it with a jacket in the same fabric or contrasting color and complement it with black heels.

leather pencil skirt and silk blouse combo

Let’s say you want to look sophisticated and assertive. Then, of course, your choice should be a quality leather pencil skirt. Get ready for a remarkable elegance with a turtleneck sweater and stylish high-heeled boots.

If I summarize briefly

  • For a sophisticated and trendy look, make sure your pencil skirt reaches your knees or below your knees.
  • Balance bold fabrics like leather, sequins and lace with simple pieces in classic colors.
  • Emphasize the feminine figure created by the pencil skirt by wearing heeled shoes or heeled boots.

See you in my next style suggestions article…

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