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Modern Art Movements

In one of my Art therapy with painting courses, my students asked a very good question: What is modern art, is it the same as

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Emre Erturk

Painter, Designer, Instructor, Creative Director and Blogger!

After years of painting, design, creative consulting, decorating, fashion, style consulting, and teaching, I decided to start blogging and sharing my ideas and views with you. Actually, it was never on my mind, but I was exposed to so much positive and constructive pressure from my surroundings that I thought, “Why not?” As Emre Ertürk, my life has revolved around art, fashion, and travel. I did not set aside my painting talent as a “God-given talent.” On the contrary, I nurtured it with my lovely mother’s unwavering support from my childhood.

While many of my paintings have been shown in international exhibitions, I wanted to express my love for animals not just on canvas but also on the runway. I’m pleased I listened to that inner voice. Today, I am delighted to announce that I designed the world’s first luxury leather pet carriers tailored for air travel. Believe me, as a Turkish designer, the thrill of pioneering new territory is totally different…

Few Words About Me

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