The Most Flattering Dresses For Your Body Shape

I bet every woman has at least three dresses in her closet. This indispensable piece of women’s wardrobe is always a guarantee of elegance, day or night, as long as you choose the dresses for your body shape.

When choosing among more than 40 dress models that have entered the fashion literature, you should carefully choose the models that suit your body as well as the accessories you will use with them, as it is very important where you are going.

In this chapter of my style tips articles, I have written about the the most flattering dresses for your body shape and the matching accessories. Rather than dwell on individual models, I have drawn an easy-to-follow roadmap for you by collecting them under main headings.

Let’s start if you’re ready!

Dress Models in Different Lengths

When choosing dresses for your body, you first need to decide on their length. Generally categorized under 3 main headings: mini, midi and maxi, I think the most assertive ones are mini and maxi dresses. However, I haven’t forgotten that the midi dress is also a life saver as long as it is combined correctly.

3 different length of dresses for your body shape
Mini – Midi – Maxi

Mini Dress

Jean Shrimpton’s appearance in a mini-dress at the Melbourne Cup in 1965 was a scandal. In fact, with her dress, which is not even considered mini in today’s measurements, she broke new ground for women who are confident in the beauty of their legs. Today, models that do justice to the word mini are frequently preferred by women. But be careful, if you have a weight problem or thick legs, choose other models to create glamor. Since it is a feminine “look”, I never recommend these minis, which draw attention to your legs, to those with very thick AND very thin legs. It is also possible to combine mini dresses according to the occasion. You can wear a simple black mini with boots or stiletto heels, and you can wear it with different DENIER STOCKINGS you can create your style.

Midi Dress

Among the dress models suitable for every body type, the ones that can be worn around the clock are of course midi dresses. The sleeves can be long or short, and the collar can be round or V. These options make midi dresses suitable for every body type. In winter, you can create a classy stance with stylish boots, while in spring or summer you can capture weekend elegance with ballet flats and a straw hat.

Maxi Dress

When I think of a maxi dress, I think of a style to be worn during the day or at night. Effortless elegance is now possible with long dresses on the beach or by the pool. You can combine shirred, flowing fabrics and dresses that reach to your ankles and even to the floor with sandals and flashy jewelry. No matter your height or weight, you can look like a goddess in these dresses. If your dress touches the floor, that is, if it is quite long, be careful with pointed heels because you can trip at any moment. In maxis, which are a great option for those with weight problems, the important thing is that they are not too loose or vice versa too tight. Likewise, for extremely thin people, instead of very tight models, voluminous, draped dress models will be a better choice.

Dress Models in Different Designs

vucudunuza uygun elbise modelleri
A Cut – Anvelop – Pencil

A-line Dress Models

The dress, which we can define as A-cut, sits on the hips and widens towards the hem, which makes the dress look like an “A” shape. Perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. This style is very suitable for pear-shaped bodies, as it brings out your shoulders and emphasizes the overall feminine look. You can enrich this model with different accessories for every location you can think of, whether it is daily elegance or in the office environment, especially the black color of this model, you should definitely keep it in your closet.

Anvelop Dress Models

The anvelop dress has the ability to close by wrapping one side of the dress over the other and tying the fabric at the waist or back. Often worn by Kate Middleton, this style creates a classic silhouette perfect for those with an athletic figure. Because it creates the illusion of an hourglass, even if you don’t naturally have one. If you have wide hips, it is useful to be a little careful. Because in the anvelop model, the attention is drawn to the belt area, it is a model that women with hips should not prefer.

Pencil Dress Models

Named after its pencil shape, this dress typically sits at the waist, with the hemline reaching below the knee. There are no ruffles or flywheels. It can be long sleeved, degaje collar, turtleneck or round neckline. It is a great option for an evening date. The long sleeve is preferable for those who want to hide their arms from the eyes, while the sleeveless and above-the-knee version is ideal for a work event or an evening meeting with friends. It is the perfect choice for those with an hourglass figure. But it does not forgive any excess. Although there are exceptions, do not choose if you have a weight problem.

vucut tipine uygun elbise modelleri 2
Asymmetric – Peplum – Bodycon

Asymmetric Dress Models

Dresses with asymmetrical hemlines are typically longer in the back and shorter in the front. It is a style that is compatible with prom dresses as well as daily dresses. It supports a sexy look with heeled boots or stilettos. You can also find asymmetrical dresses that are sleeveless on one side and long-sleeved or one-shouldered on the other. There are so many types of asymmetrical dresses that they suit every body shape. But when you decide on such a dress, make sure that its asymmetry is impressive.

Peplum Dress Models

A peplum dress is perfect for those who want a fun style. In this style, which has its roots in ancient Greece, the flounced detail can be below the waist, under the bust, on the hips or around the neck or shoulders. You can change your dress, which you can wear with ballet flats during the day, with heels in the evening and make your legs look longer.

Bodycon Dress Models

Bodycon is a tight dress that hugs your body and emphasizes your assets. They are usually made of flexible material and are perfect for a night on the town. This dress is ideal for those with an hourglass figure as it flatters beautiful curves! Of course, one of the most famous users of this model is Kim Kardashian.

vucut tipine uygun elbise modelleri 1
Kimono – Qipao – Mermaid

Qipao Dress Models

Qipao is a traditional Chinese dress with a striking design, featuring a high collar and a straight skirt, making it an ideal choice for those who love zen style. They are traditionally made of silk fabric and finished with exquisite embroidery. It became popular in the West in the 1920s. They have slits on one or both legs and different types of sleeves. It is a stylish and elegant option for ladies with a slim figure.

Kimono Dress Models

The kimono is the most recognizable traditional Japanese garment, characterized by its long sleeves and wraparound closure. Inspired by the traditional kimono, this modern kimono dress features a single leg slit, a wrap-around design and long sleeves. It is a dress that every woman can wear comfortably with its draped style.


These dresses, which you can wear at Dress code invitations with their floor-length skirts, offer many alternatives with low-cut, puffy skirts or mermaid silhouettes. If you are confident in your décolleté, your choice can be strappy, sleeveless or strapless.
If you have an hourglass or pear body type, you can choose a mermaid silhouette dress that fits your waist and hips. If you have a flat curvy body, you can choose a slightly looser profile in the waist and hip area.

vucut tipine uygun elbise modelleri 4
Halter- Low Shoulder – Bandage

Neck Tie Dress Models

Dresses tied at the neck, that is, halter model dresses are ideal for summer. A strapless or sleeveless top with a lace-up neck will be the perfect choice if you have broad shoulders and are confident in the beauty of your arms.

Off-The-Shoulder Dress Models

There is a sleeve or ruffle that gives the appearance of having fallen down. It is a great option for those who want to show off their shoulders and arms but do not want a strapless look. One of the accessories that I like the most with these dress models is hoop earrings, and the other is clutch bags, which we call portfolio models.

Bandage Dress Models

Popularized in the 90s, the bandage dress has a silhouette similar to the bodycon shape. It is so named because of its “bandage” structure consisting of layers of knitted ribbon wrapping the folds. It does not forgive imperfections due to its body-hugging structure, so it is one of the most important trophies among the dress models suitable for body type.

Casual Dress Models

Retro Dress Models

The shift, or retro model dress, which was fashionable in the 1960s, is a short, sleeveless model that goes straight down from the shoulders. It is ideal for those with a slim, column-like body shape because it looks flat. You can combine this dress with stylish strappy heels or even over-the-knee boots.

Sweater Dress

This knitted model has a casual look. Because it’s suitable almost for all body shapes, you can choose from short to long lengts for your daily elegance. My bag suggestion for this model, which you can combine with over-the-knee boots, boots or even sneakers, is large totes as from my new The NewYork Social Diary collection MANHATTAN TOTE.

Shirt Dress

What could be more comfortable than a shirt dress? Loose fitting, cool and comfortable. Although in different lengths, the focal point of a shirt dress is the collar and buttoned front. Comfortably combined with ankle boots or sneakers. Regardless of whether you are short, long or overweight, you can pair a model that you can wear comfortably with a stylish topcoat and enrich it with a scarf that suits your style.

vucut tipine uygun elbise modelleri 5
Retro – Sweaters – Shirts – T-shirts – Jackets

T-Shirt Dress

This dress model, which I don’t like very much but is sometimes stylized very elegantly, is ideal for recreational occasions such as movies and holidays. Just like a t-shirt, I recommend this model, which is usually mini with a round neckline and draped like a t-shirt, for those looking for a sporty elegance.

Jacket Dress Models

The dress, which is so named because of its blazer-like appearance, is extremely suitable for the office environment as well as daily life. Perfect for all seasons, this dress can be worn with a belt if you have a slim waist, or paired with boots, stilettos or sneakers.

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