August 26th World Dog Day

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International World Dog Day is actually a special day to honor all dogs, no matter their shape, size, age or breed, and of course to encourage adoption for shelter dogs who cannot find a home. It is celebrated every year on August 26th with various events all over the world and in our country as well.

In 2004, Colleen Paige, an American animal rights lawyer, adopted a dog named Sheltie on August 26th. Later she applied for this day to be celebrated as a special day. Globally recognized, World Dog Day on August 26th is taken so seriously that it is enshrined into law in New York.

Colleen Page and Her Dog
Colleen Paige and Her Dog

Dogs and Emre Erturk

As Emre Ertürk, my life has always been intertwined with dogs. Cici, my black and white chubby terrier, was the first companion I remember from my childhood. I was 4 years old. Afterwards, 6 German Shepherds, 2 Sivas Kangals, so I couldn’t imagine my life without a dog. I took my first steps into the fashion world by designing the world’s first luxury pet carrier. They always brought me good luck. I donated my paintings or designed dog bags for Hollywood productions.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that almost all my friends around me are animal lovers. A meeting of beautiful people with beautiful energies and a totally cosmic interaction. That’s why World Dog Day is so special to me. Also, at the end of my article, a little surprise is waiting for you and our dear friends.

emre newyork orange dog bag
Emre NewYork Design The Bone Bag from How to Lose a Man in 10 Days

Why World Dog Day?

Maybe it sounds absurd to some of you, but in fact World Dog Day is a special date with many missions.

It’s hard to believe that the relationship between man and dog goes back 14,000 years, but it’s true. In my opinion, dogs are the closest to humans in the animal kingdom, sometimes accompanying us on lonely nights, sometimes protecting us from danger, and sometimes even saving our lives. How to forget the ones hating the dogs but hoping help from them during the earthquake.

a dog saving lives in an earthquake
Impossible to Forget How They Saved Lives in the Earthquake

They just want a little love, a little peace and the right to live in the world we share! To raise awareness, World Dog Day has been celebrated on August 26 every year since 2004.

Dogs are not plush toys!

I’m a summer child. My favorite season is summer. But every year when I return from vacation, especially at the end of the season, I hate the summer because of the abandoned animals I saw on the roads.

It is infuriating to see the streets of summer destinations, where supposedly the most educated, successful and intelligent people go to vacation, filled with abandoned dogs and cats at the end of the season. It shows that instead of being the best in everything, one must first have a conscience.

We all know the fate of these puppies. Shelter or death.

Tell me: which creature likes to be abandoned? Don’t reply me ‘he’s an animal, he doesn’t understand’! World Dog Day on August 26th encourages people to adopt a dog from a shelter instead of buying one. In fact, the shelters are so full that they are rich enough to meet everyone’s expectations, breed or not.

Slave Market

And then there is the shame of pet shops where dogs are displayed like a slave market, crammed in cages, waiting for their owners. In almost all shopping malls, cats, dogs and many other creatures, imprisoned in tiny cages, were being desperately marketed for sale. I say it was being marketed because Turkey finally ended this practice with a decision taken on July 14, 2022. It is now illegal to sell animals in pet shops. Of course, the extent to which this ban is enforced is debatable. Check your social media. You won’t believe what you see. (One of them was looking for a kitten to feed to his dog. Shamelessly wrote that asshole)

I got very angry and moved away from the subject, but what can I do, you know me, I can’t stand injustice, unscrupulousness. When my artist soul and my inner child see these things, they scream at the top of their lungs.

Unending Trouble Dog Fighting

Here is another example of barbarism. What they call as ‘sport’ is a disgusting thing that reveals the true brutality of human beings. Nothing to do with the spirit of true sport.

Here, International World Dog Day also aims to raise awareness against dog abuse. As in many countries, unfortunately, dog fighting is also practiced in our country, albeit unofficially. This sport, which is completely banned in the European Union and has very serious financial sanctions, is still allowed in some countries around the world.

You may not believe it, but despite being banned in some major cities in Japan, dog fighting is still one of the most popular ancestral sports and there is even a special breed for it! As someone who grew up with many dogs, I cannot understand that these beautiful creatures are still used in dog fights and that this is kept silent.

What About Good Things?

After writing so much negativity, it’s time to talk about the good things. How about a fantastic World Dog Day celebration? Here are a few ideas:

Adopt a Life from the Shelter

Perhaps the best thing you can do for World Dog Day is to save a life in a shelter. If you are thinking of getting a pet, don’t pay for it. Adopt one instead.

a dog in a shelter
Do Not Buy! Adopt it!

Become a Shelter Volunteer

Volunteer in a shelter of your choice in our country and around the world. Go visit, spend time with them. In fact, if you have children, go together. There is no better opportunity to spend quality time together.

Make a Donation

Let’s say you don’t have the time or the means. It can happen. We all go through life with various hustles and bustles. Then donate to non-governmental organizations such as Haçiko, Paw Guard, Haytap. Let your donation be one of the building blocks of huge projects.

Take Care of Your Dog All Day

Go for a long walk with him, give him his favorite treat. Play in the park, in the garden. Buy a brand new toy. Watch a good movie together. My favorite movie is , the unforgettable Richard Gere movie that brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it : Hachiko Story of a Dog. Make him feel even more special for World Dog Day.

Distribute Food

Feed the stray animals in your neighborhood. No leftovers, just fresh dry food.

Keep Your Dog Happy

Give your best friend at home a nice surprise. Made entirely from environmentally friendly materials, airline approved EMRE NEWYORK one of the dog bags as a gift. With my bags, which I designed as a comfortable home, your dog will always feel happy and safe. Let it accompany you everywhere, whether on your journeys or in your daily life, with health, happiness and joy.


As Emre NewYork and Emre Erturk Design team, we wanted to have our salt in the soup. From August 26 to September 26 EMRE NEWYORK For every Emre NewYork pet bag you purchase from our online store, we will donate 2 kg of dry food on your behalf to the HAÇİKO shelter through Sanal Mama

After you place your order, we will send you a receipt of the donation.

With our sustainability approach, we will continue to support our dear friends tomorrow as we did yesterday.

See you in my next article and stay with love and happiness.

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